Monday, 31 March 2014

Beauty Haul

There are three things that really shouldn’t be mixed: me with money, town and offers! Every time these things are mixed then disaster usually strikes. Anyway it’s too late for regrets, plus why would you want to regret something that was fun?  Though I must admit if I hadn’t been doing a shift at Tk-maxx I probably wouldn’t have spent so much!

So my first strike was in Superdrug, where there were offers galore. There was a buy one get the second half price on all Superdrug own brand. Also it was buy one get the second half price on Maybelline; it’s safe to say I abused these! So the first thing I picked up was some face masks! They are just normal sachet Superdrug own face masks, but they looked amazing! I picked up Yogurt smoothie mask, Tropical cocktail peel-off, Apricot exfoliating and sugar & spice self-heating mask.
Next I picked up to Maybelline colour sensational lipsticks. They just brought out a nude range and I picked up Tantalizing Taupe and Honey Beige. Both are gorgeous colours. 

Then continuing with make-up I picked up the Maybelline Big Eyes mascara. I picked this up because it has a smaller brush for the lower lashes!

I then picked up the Maybelline Gel eye liner that comes with a little pot and a brush.

I noticed while I was there that Maybelline had brought out a new foundation. It’s called Super stay better skin; I picked up both the foundation and concealer. Apparently it’s a flawless finish foundation that gives you an instant even tone on your face. It also claims to give you better looking skin in 3 weeks, we will see about that! The foundation has a vitamin enriched formula that improves skin’s appearance leaving it feeling energised and looking healthier as if renewed. It claims to have all day wear and non-transfer. You can bet I will be putting this product to the test.

The last two things I picked up in Superdrug are a pencil sharpener and a nail polish that is a base coat, ridge filler and growth enhancer.

After I finished work on Saturday I had to check out the nail Polish TK had in stock and I ended up picking up 2! I picked up Essie ‘Fondola Gondola’ and China Glaze ‘Peachy Keen’. They were a bargain at £3.99. It goes to show that if you don’t look you really don’t find the great bargains! You will here more about these lovelies in an upcoming blog!
The last things I picked up on this shopping spree where from a little shop called ‘Perfect Scents’. Here I picked up four Yankee Candle wax tarts! Now I’m not obsessed with burning candles by any means but there is nothing better than walking into my bedroom and it smelling amazing because I have had a tart burning. I picked up the following scents: Vanilla Cupcake, Vanilla Chai, Paradise Spice and Waikiki Melon. I usually go for mostly Vanilla sweet scents but when I smelt this I loved each one.
So that’s it. That’s everything that ended up coming home with me during my impromptu shopping trip before and after work on a simple weekend. Let me know in the comments if you have got or tried anything I have brought, whether you loved it or hated it. I would love your honest opinions! Also let me know if you want more Haul type blogs
Finally I just want to say a quick thankyou to all my lovelies who are reading this! You have been amazingly patient in my lapse in posting this year, (I know not a great start on those New Year Resolutions.) Anyway I will be trying to post more but bare with me, it's hard finding time to write these and post them with no internet and working 7 days a week. However I will find a balance!
See you Next Time

March Favourites

 I have seen both bloggers and you tubers telling you guys about what they have been loving this month. So I thought   I would give it a go. 

First we are going to look at hair care. I have three products that I loved this past month. They are from the same line, my mum actually picked these products  up in Poundland and we have since seen them in savers! I was skeptical but have since eaten my words. 

I use the mask once a week, the conditioner every other time I wash my hair. I use the heat defence spray everytime I blow dry or straighten my hair. It's become my go to essential when using heat. Not only do these products smell great but they also leave my hair feeling soft and smooth. 

Next is skincare and I have only tried out one new product in the past month. That product is Olays 2in1 primer. 

Not only does this prime your face ready for makeup but it also hydrates your face.  This primer made my skin feel hydrated even once I had applied my make up. To top it off my skin stayed feeling this way all day! 

 Next I'm going to look at make up and I have two products I have been loving. The first is the new Maybelline superstau better for skin foundation. I have been loving this foundation so much that you can see the effect on the bottle. Which is a first for me! Once applied this foundation gives me an even skintone to apply the rest of my makeup. 

 The foundation is in a glass bottle with a pump which makes applying the foundation a lot easier! 
  The second make up favourite I have been loving is Loreal Miss Manga mascara. I have it in black and it has become my go to black mascara. I love the way it makes my lashes look. They look long and curvey. The best bit is that it doesn't just clump them together. 

 The wand has flexibility and I love the bottle it is in. I love the pink and black it just looks so good together. 
  My next favourite this month is a brand of gum. It is Extra White Bubblemint gum. It has the consistency of chewing gum but tastes like bubblegum. I love this gum so much so that I ended up buying a tub!

So that's it, let me know if you like this and I will do it again. Also let me know if you have tried any of these products as I would love to hear what you think. 
See You Next Time