Sunday, 20 April 2014

Easter Bunny Nails

Hello my lovelies and Happy Easter
Ok so I'm no Nail art expert or anything but my friend shared a picture with me on Facebook and I decided I wanted to recreate the nails and tell you guys how you can do them yourselves. So here is the picture:

So first thing first is what you need to create this look. 
Blue Nail Polish (I used Barry M Colbat Blue)
White striper
Black Striper
Dotting tool
White Nail Polish (I used Barry M Matt White)
Pink Nail Polish ( I used Barry M Bright Pink)
Base Coat, I used Sally Hansen hard as nails
Top Coat, I used Sally Hansen Triple Strong which I got offline
A baby pink colour, I used Rimmel London Pro Baby pink (optional)

The dotting tool and stripers can be found on eBay for about two pounds each or less. The top coat I got off of Amazon but any top coat would work. 
So let's get started and create these lovely bunny nails for Easter. 

1. Start off by using a base coat to protect the natural nail. 
2. Next when you have decided where you want your bunnies to be paint the nails two coats of the blue and white polish. 
3. While that's drying I likes to use a Baby Pink colour and paint two coats on my other nails. You can use any colour you want at this stage or you can bunnies on all your nails it's up to you! 

4.on your blue nail use the white stripey to paint a semi circle on the tip then paint on some ears and fill in the tip of your nail in for the bunnies head
5. On the white nail you need to do the same thing using the pink polish. I didn't use a striper for this but you can clean one off and use it. Don't worry if you make a mess you can clean it up later. 
6. Using the small side of the dotting tool, dip it in black and place two dots on the white bunny for eyes. Then using the black striper make the bunnies nose and mouth by drawing semi circles. 
7. Using the black striper draw two upside down semi circles on the pink bunny. Then using the white striper paint a small stripe in each of the bunnies ears. 
8. Using the larger end of the dotting tool and pink polish dot on two lines in the white bunnies ears. 
9. Finally use the top coat to seal in your design

Now you can use a cotton bud with some nail polish remover to clean it up. But that is the finished look. As you can see I'm not that good at nail art but I'm going to keep practicising.
  Let me know in the comments if you have tried this look and I would love to see your guys bunny nails. So tag me on Instagram or Twitter or even post them on the Facebook page. All the details and links can be found on the contact me page. 
Until Next Time