Tuesday, 21 September 2021

Blog Tour: Taylor Partially Matured by Grayson Avery*


'Twenty-seven year old Taylor Quinn rocks the three I's. She's immature, impulsive, and totally inappropriate.
Now  that she's been admitted to the Sweet Water Circle, a group of long-time friends now in their 30s and 40s who love to push each other to be their best selves, Taylor is tasked with growing up. God knows they have no hope of curing her inappropriate behavior. After calling for a Sweet Water Circle intervention, fellow Circle member and Taylor's boss, Shelly, puts Taylor on the clock: figure out what she wants to do with her life or join the unemployment line. Who knew getting paid to do nothing wasn't a long-term career option? Taylor certainly didn't, so of course, she rebels. Why think about the future when she's having so much fun in the present?
The pressure on Taylor intensifies when the a love match set for Shelly falls for Taylor instead. This love match is none other than Benjamin Bach (Billionaire Ben), a contemporary of the Sweet Water Circle who has since made it big in Silicon Valley. Should Taylor take Ben on as her sugar daddy or pursue her own career? Or will the Sweet Water Circle's top-heavy nemesis, Sasha, beat her to it?
Follow Taylor on a journey of self discovery and misadventure (and total inappropriateness) in love and life. If you've read Project Kaitlyn or Jenn Reinvented you know that full maturity for Taylor is out of the question, but perhaps partial maturation is possible? Or maybe not. How can Taylor grow up and find her passion and still be Taylor? You'll laugh out loud as she tries'

This is the third book in the ‘Sweet Water Circle’ series and what an addition it was. This book, as you can tell from the title is all about Taylor and ‘Billionaire Ben’. Their story is told over the course of 41 Chapters which readers will fly through, just like they did with the other two books in this series. Just like the second book in this series, this book also gives readers an update on the previous couples. What’s brilliant about this update is that the books don’t have a huge time jump.

Now although romance is one of the biggest aspects of this book, there is another that needs mentioning which is Taylor’s growth as a person. Throughout the book the read is given the opportunity to watch as Taylor grows. This is brilliant to see and is just as important as the main romance theme in this book.

This book is choc full of witty moments that will make readers laugh. It’s not just the situations in this book that will keep readers laughing but also the character interactions. This funny side of the book is just one of the reasons that readers will be addicted and find themselves devouring good chunks of this book in one sitting.

Now let me tell you about the Author, Grayson Avery who wrote The Sweet Water Circle Series. A romantic comedy series that focuses on childhood friends in their 30s and 40s as the help each other navigate the stormy waters of dating, marriage, divorce and a whole lot of inappropriate, naughty and downright hysterical situations. 

Overall this book is addictive and will keep readers entertained from the moment they start right until the very end. This book will make series readers fall in love all over again, while making new readers want to read the rest of the series, if they haven’t already. I, for one personally cannot wait until the fourth book comes out in January 2022. You can get your copy HERE

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Wednesday, 15 September 2021

Blog Tour: Second Chance to Wear His Ring by Hana Sheik*


'Can a forgotten past pave the way to for ever? When millionaire Mansur Ali is called home to Somaliland, he’s shocked to find the woman who broke his heart needs help. After an accident, Amal has lost her memory…including forgetting Manny’s marriage proposal and her rejection! Manny will help her seek treatment, but can he protect his heart when their journey brings them closer than ever…?'

This is the story of Mansur and Amal, two people who definitely have a shared past. Their story is told over the course of 12 Chapter +Epilogue). Now 12 Chapters does seem like a short book, however not in this case. The story is still packed full of details that readers will love. 

From the very beginning of this book, readers will be intrigued about the hinted past the main characters share. The past is slowly revealed as the story continues, but the interest stays even after all is revealed. Mainly because once the past has come to light, the question remains 'Can a forgotten past pave the way to for ever?'

Throughout the book the point of view switches from Mansur to Amal and back again. This switching point of view allows readers to see where the characters are emotionally and mentally. Both characters come to the situation not wanting to be hurt but from different perspectives. 

Now let me tell you about the Author Hana Sheik, who falls in love everyday reading her favourite romances and writing her own happy-ever-afters. She has worked previously as a data entry operator, customer service rep, telemarketer and ghost writer but being a romance author is without a doubt the best job ever! She was born in Somalia, but moved to the beautiful capital of Canada as a toddler, where she still lives happily with her family.

Overall this is a very well written book full of interesting aspects that will keep the reader interested until the very end. You can get your copy HERE.

There is also a giveaway attached to this blog tour where you could be in with the chance to win 2x Paperback copies of Second Chance to Wear His Ring. If you would like to enter and be in with the chance to win, click HERE. Don't forget to read the Terms and Conditions: Worldwide entries welcome. Please enter using the Rafflecopter box below. The winner will be selected at random via Rafflecopter from all valid entries and will be notified by Twitter and/or email. If no response is received within 7 days then Rachel’s Random Resources reserves the right to select an alternative winner. Open to all entrants aged 18 or over. Any personal data given as part of the competition entry is used for this purpose only and will not be shared with third parties, with the exception of the winners’ information. This will passed to the giveaway organiser and used only for fulfilment of the prize, after which time Rachel’s Random Resources will delete the data. I am not responsible for despatch or delivery of the prize. 

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Friday, 10 September 2021

Blog Tour: Will They, Won't They? by Portia MacIntosh*


'When life goes off track sometimes the only thing you can do is go back to where it all began...
Emmy Palmer is the star of Bragadon Forest, the biggest fantasy series on TV; adored by the public, living the life of glamour and luxury in London.
But when scandal strikes, Emmy must escape the city and return to her seaside hometown to lie low and wait for the storm to pass.
Emmy's agent decides it would be a good look to star in the community Christmas pantomime, but who else could be playing her leading man but her ex-boyfriend who she may or may not have ditched to move to London a decade ago...
As the show approaches, love and friendships blossom and the real question is - Will they? Won't they?'

This story is all about Emmy Palmer and her journey after her life is struck by scandal. Her story is told over the course of 48 chapters, which may seem like a lengthy book but they soon pass by very quickly. From the very start of the book readers will be intrigued by the Scandal, which is slowly revealed as you make your way through the book.

The character of Emmy is very loveable and dramatic, these traits help readers to fall in love with her character. That’s not to say Emmy doesn’t have her flaws, she does but then again who doesn’t have any flaws? Everything about Emmy will draw characters in and make them want to follow her on her journey.

From beginning to end this book is interesting and full of Laugh Out Loud moments, that readers will adore. They will love seeing this different side to fame, the side of the TV actress. The one who plays a role and becomes a household name.

Now let me tell you a little bit more about the Author Portia MacIntosh, who is a bestselling romantic comedy author of 16 novels. This list includes titles such as It's Not You, It's Them and Honeymoon For One. Portia was previously a music journalist, she writes hilarious stories, drawing on her own real life experiences. 

Overall Portia has done it again and written a story that readers will adore. From the very relatable characters to the secret that is slowly revealed. Everything about this book readers will love. This reader in particular will definitely be checking out some of her other works. You can get your copy HERE

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Sunday, 5 September 2021

Blog Tour: The Dating Game by Sandy Barker*


'Once upon a time, twelve women joined the hottest reality TV show looking for love. Except one had a secret identity . . .

Abby Jones is a serious writer. Or at least she will be, one day. Right now, she spends her time writing recaps of reality television under a secret identity.

When a recap for The Stag – the must-watch dating show – goes viral, her editor thinks she should be on set, writing the drama as it happens. The good news: the next season will be filmed in Sydney. Sun, sea and a glamorous trip abroad, this could be Abby’s big break.

The bad news: the producers don’t just want Abby to write the recaps, they want her to be on the show. Abby can’t think of anything worse than being undercover and followed around by cameras. But her career depends on it, and when she meets gorgeous producer Jack, Abby begins to wonder if this job might not be so bad after all . . .'

This is the story of Abigail and Jack, which is told over the course of 25 chapters (+Epilogue). As you can probably tell from the blurb this isn’t your typical romance story. Boy does meet girl but not in the most ideal settings. However this fact does not stop this being a really great romance story.

From the moment readers start this story they will fall in love with the main characters but only that they will be intrigued by situation they are in. This intrigue will keep readers attached to this story to the very end. They will want, no need to find out how if these characters can figure out how to be together. 

This entire book is littered with moments that will leave readers laughing as well as the odd moment that may leave them a bit emotional. This variety of emotions for the reader to go through will just make them even more attached to the story. Whether they are laughing or tearing up, each emotion will make them want to finish this book.

Now let me tell you about the Author Sandy Barker, who is a writer, traveller and hopeful romantic. She has a lengthy bucket list and many of her travel adventures have found homes in her novels. Sandy is also an avid reader, a film buff, a wine lover and a coffee snob. She lives in Melbourne Australia with her partner, Ben, who she met while travelling in Greece. Their real-life love story inspired Sandy’s debut novel ‘One Summer in Santorini’, the first in the Holiday Romance series with One More Chapter, an imprint of HarperCollins.

Overall I really enjoyed this book. I will confess it is the first book I have read by this author, however it will certainly not be the last. I am about to head to Amazon to go check out more by Sandy Barker. You can get your copy HERE

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Wednesday, 1 September 2021

Blog Tour: The Knight's Maiden in Disguise by Ella Matthews*


'Risking her life
To save a knight!
Disguising herself as her late twin brother keeps Avva Carpenter, and her family, safe. Until Sir William Devereux arrives in her town. As the castle’s stable master, Avva can’t avoid the knight—or the desire he instantly stirs in her. He’s everything she never knew a nobleman could be: honest, kind, brave. When danger surrounds them, the only way to help William is to reveal her true identity, but can she trust him enough?'

This is the story of Avva and William and is told over the course of 21 Chapters. This book is well written and have readers falling in love with the main characters as well as the story. 

The meet cute for the two main characters is very different to a lot of books. This point alone will have readers gripped wondering how everything will unfold. Also it really sets the book up well for the story to come. 

Another thing readers will love about this book apart from the main character who just happens to be a very sexy knight is the character interactions. Even just between William and his squire James. 

Now let me tell you about the Author Ella Matthews, who works and lives in South Wales. When she isn’t thinking about handsome heroes she can be found walking along the coast with her husband and two children. Though she probably still be thinking about heros but pretending to be interested in everyone else. 

Overall this is a brilliant and well written book. If the storyline doesn’t draw the reader in then the characters will. You can get your copy HERE

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Sunday, 29 August 2021

Blog Tour: One Last Kiss by A.S. Kelly*


Allow me to introduce myself.
My name is Rian Kerry, and I’m in huge trouble.
This is how it happened: I had a crush. You know those teenage crushes, which I’m sure you’ve all experienced, too. It was that kind of crush that makes your knees tremble, that makes you blush violently and stammer when you’re with that person. One of those crushes that you assume you’ll just grow out of, the way the seasons change.
The problem is that my crush didn’t go anywhere. Actually, it only got worse, transforming into something absurd and unbearable, which no one could seem to understand.
Especially not him.
Because he’s off-limits. He’s barricaded himself within his walls, from a sense of fear and guilt. He’s locked up his heart forever, and seems to have no intention of letting anyone in ever again.
My friends, Jordan, Anya, and Holly, say that he just needs a little push. They say that he needs to learn to believe again.
But I don’t think he’ll ever be ready, because he simply doesn’t want to be.
He doesn’t want to believe.
Not in something like us.

Allow me to introduce myself.
My name is Parker Hayes, and I’m an idiot.
Yep, you heard me right. I’m a real idiot. And, I swear, that’s putting it lightly.
But I’m a lot of other things, too. I’m a fireman, and a single father to two cheeky, hyperactive six-year-old twins. I’m a brother to Tyler, another fireman – and another idiot – who always seems to stick his nose into my business. I’m a kind-of friend to Niall, yet another idiot with nothing to do but barge into my life, uninvited.
Let’s get back to the point, here: the reason I’m an idiot.
Well, it’s pretty simple. I’ve lost my mind. Literally. It happened again. I fell for it. With my head, with my body, and with the heart I was sure I’d never be able to piece back together after another inevitable disaster.
The problem is that she’s not like the others.
She bakes cakes with my daughters, laughs with them, and shows them her magic bag. They’re crazy about her.
And so am I.
And now she knows it, and I know it, and everyone around us knows it. But I can’t take that step. I can’t let everything go to start over.
I can’t live through this again – because this time, I won’t be left standing.
Not if she’s the one to break my heart.'

This is Rian and Parker’s story, which is told over the course of 60 chapters (+ Epilogue). Now that sounds like a lot however the chapters are a good length meaning it doesn’t seem like it goes on forever. Also if anything readers may be in awe that there is 60 chapters due to being immersed in the story. 

One thing that stands out in this book to this reader is that both Rian & Parker talk to the reader. This breaks the fourth wall down and immerses the reader even more into their story. The interaction with the reader is something unique that this book lover doesn’t see often but enjoyed immensely. It felt there was another reader having the exact same thoughts.

Now the characters of Rian and Parker are exciting and interesting. From the very beginning it is clear that these two have something simmering between them just below the surface. Not only that but there is also hints of a shared history, which neither character wants to divulge at the start but no fears that history does come to light. 

This book is filled with laugh out loud funny moments that readers will adore. Not only that but the entire story as well as the characters make this one addictive and consuming read. Readers will love immersing themselves in this story as well as finding out about the other characters.

Let me tell you about the Author Alex Kelly, who writes uplifting, emotional and heartwarming romantic fiction and family saga. She is a bibliophile, a Yogi, a lover of English Literature and a baking enthusiast. Alex was born in Italy but now lives in Ireland with her husband their two children and a cat named Oscar. 

Overall this is a brilliant book and readers will love watching Rian & Parker’s story as well as finding out about their history. It was after I finished this book that this reader discovered it is actually the third instalment of the ‘Love at Last’ series. The other books look at Niall Kerry and Tyler Hayes. Two characters you will fall in with in this book. I for one will be checking the rest of this series out. You can get your copy HERE

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Thursday, 26 August 2021

Review: Two For Interference by Lasairiona McMaster*


'Bookish. Bold. Beautiful. And entirely out of his league.
On paper, all-American boy next door, Lincoln Scott, has it all. But behind his slap shots, straight-A report card, and easy going charm, Linc hides a secret only his best friend knows.
When he attempts to return a misplaced bra, a wrong number gets him way more than the hook-up he bargained for. No one has ever looked beyond the star hockey player, until the mysterious woman he can’t stop texting sees him for who he really is.
Does Linc have the skills off the ice to keep up with her? Will he follow in his father’s footsteps? Or will he step out from the shadows and chase his dreams?
If you’re pucking obsessed with Helena Hunting, Pippa Grant, and Elle Kennedy, you’ll love this hilarious, hot-as-puck, secret identity, opposites attract, curvy girl sports romance. Two for Interference is a full length standalone with no cheating, cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.
Welcome to the Minnesota Snow Pirates, where skilled and sexy mother puckers’ lives get turned upside down by strong and badass heroines. Curl up with your next book boyfriend today.'

What can I say about this book? I mean what words will fully encompass how this book left me feeling. Let's start with the basics. This book tells the story of Cleo and Lincoln over the course of 33 Chapters + Epilogue. It's the first story in Lasairiona's brand new series 'The Minnisota Snow Pirates' and if this book is anything to go by, boy is this going to be a brilliant series. 

Now this isn't the first book I have read by this author. I previously read and reviewed her Jeremy Lewis series ( Book 1, Book 2, Book 3) which I adored but did not prepare me at all for this book. I was utterly captivated by this story the moment I started, and this isn't any normal captivation. This is can't think of anything else, when does the next book come out type of captivating.

So as much as you will fall in love with the main Characters of Cleo and Lincoln, who are completely adorable. One being a book worm and the other being a 'jock' who have share the fact that what they currently do is not their dream. You will fall in love with the background characters of Molly, Russ, Will and Finn to name a few. You will also be able to tell that the author has put just as much effort into creating these characters as they did in creating the main characters. 

One thing I adored about this book is that the main characters did not have the typical meet cute that happens in romances. There's was different, I don't want to give spoilers away but it is perfect for them and interesting for the reader to watch and wait for the moment these two meet face to face. 

Not to mention that when they did meet there were the inevitable steamy scenes, that this reader loves. Now these were written in a way that made the reader anticipate what was to come but without turning into full blown erotica. 

Overall I completely 100% adored this book, I can't wait to read the next one and wish it was November so I can read it now! In the first sitting I read from Chapter 1- 10, and completed in the full book in less than 12 hours. The book completely consumed me and left me with a book hangover, that two days later I still have! At the end of this book the author gave readers a snippet of the next installment and it is going straight on my TBR. Get your copy of this book HERE.

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