Sunday 23 November 2014

Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 1 // Review

So while visiting my Dad this weekend we decided to take a trip to the cinema, just to spice up your Saturday night. Knowing that I love the Hunger Games and it had just come out, going to see the latest installment really was a no brainer! 

For those of my readers who haven't heard of this movie series, it originally started out as a trilology of books by author Suzanne Collins! Now the books were obviously a hit as the film industry decided that it needed to be made into a film .

The books are based on a country known as Panem, which consists of the Capitol and the 12 (previously 13) districts. Where due to a rebellion the districts are forced to take part in the Hunger Games. A game were one boy and one girl from every district compete in a kill or be killed type games. Twenty four go into the games but only one will come out. Any boy or girl aged 12-18 could be picked at random to compete.  The story focuses on Katiness Everdeen a 16 year old girl, who's is just trying to take care of her mum and little sister.

Anyway on to the Mockingjay Part 1, which sees the return of stars Jennifer Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth and Josh Hutchinson. As well as the arrival of Julianne Moore and Evan Ross. All these actors played their roles superb within this installment. The audience even got to see a part of Katness that hasn't been displayed yet. Even the late Phillip Seymour Hoffman played his role well.

Now one thing you guys should know is that I love this series the books captivated me and so far the movies haven't let me down. Saying that I must admit, if I'm honest, that this installment of the third book did lack some action. Now anyone who has read the books will know that the first half of the last book does not contain many action scenes. I will admit that there were a couple small action scenes that did satisfy that action bug inside me.

I even asked my Dad what he thought and he said that he did like it and it was lacking in action.  However he also said that it's a must see for anyone who is following the Hunger games movie series. I will admit that I agree whole heartedly.

Let me know what you thought of the movie, if you have seen it or if you plan to see it.

Until next time 

Saturday 22 November 2014

Lush Haul

Hello My Lovely Readers,
Now I am sure we have all walked past a Lush shop at least once in our lives! When I was younger and still in my teens I have to say I had no clue what they sold or even anything apart from it smelt amazing when I walked past it. Then I started watching YouTube Beauty Gurus and finally found out about the shop and it has taken me a long time until I finally stepped into the shop.

 Now I immediately liked the shop, apart from the fact that I went in around Christmas so the shop was bursting with live. I found the staff super helpful and even managed to smell some of the products I had heard raved about in the many You Tube videos I have watched.  I knew I wanted to try some products.  The staffs in the shop in Southampton were super helpful, they helped me pick out products just by knowing what kind of smells I like. I did like the shop so much that I ended up back in there shortly before new year.

The first one I wanted to try was a Lip Scrub and I picked one up in Popcorn for the pure reason that I love popcorn. I was excited when I first used it and had high expectations. It truly lived up to those expectations except I wasn’t a fan of the taste but it isn’t and it certainly hasn’t put me off. My lips just feel super smooth once I have used this.

The second product I picked up was a Butterball bath ballistic, I had heard people rave about this product and sadly it’s still sat in my draw at home just waiting for me to use it. But it did smell amazing when I gave it a good smell in the shop, which is why it ended up in my basket.

The third product I picked up was a Creamy Candy Bath bubble bar slice; it’s a mouthful for sure. Now for a bubble bar you crumble it under running water and I did use this product. I loved the smell of it and it gave my bath a pink tinge which I also loved.  I adored so much I have since been back and brought another one.  My mum even loved this one.

The fourth and final product I picked up in Lush was a shampoo. Now I have a weird thing going on with my scalp which means I can’t use normal shampoo, it’s usually the medicated kind. Nothing terrible but not fun. I picked up the Rehab shampoo which on the staff of the shop said was good for scalp conditions. I did like shampoo and it smelt considerably better than any of the medicated stuff I have used.

So there you have it a girl’s discovery of Lush. So let me know what products you like to buy from this shop. Let me know if you recommend any products would love an excuse to go back into Lush and spend more money to pamper myself.

Until Next Time


Thursday 21 August 2014

Mortal Instruments: City Of Bones Movie Review

Hello my little Lemon Drops,

So recently I have managed to sit down and watch The Mortal Instruments City of Bones. This was originally a book by Cassandra Clare and if I’m not mistaken it is actually a series. I’ll admit the film is pretty long with a running time of just over 2 hours, though in all honesty it is two hours of jam packed awesomeness. I haven’t read the books for this series but you can bet that I will be heading to amazon to pick up all the books in this series and if the rest of them are like the first movie. I am in for a treat! Now I know movies tend to differ a little from the books but it still gets me excited to think about what the book is like.

Now let’s talk cast! The cast for this particular movie has a few hot guys (which I love!) and you may even recognise a few of the faces. The lead girl role was given to the talented Lily Collins; you may have seen her in mirror mirror. Lily plays Clary Fray who is supposed to be an ordinary teenager living in Brooklyn. But whoever wants to watch a movie about an ordinary teenager. Now Clary’s life changes one night when she meets Jace and witnesses a murder. Jace is played by the hunk Jamie Campbell Bower, now at first I didn’t realise who he was or why he looked familiar. But Twilight fans cast your mind back to the blond Vampire in the Voltaire and you will have your answer. Jace draws Clary into a world of half angel warriors that battle to save humanity from demonic forces. Not only does Clary get lead into this dark and dangerous new world, she also gets to learn some home truths about her family. She also learns the part she needs to play to determine the fate of the world. Now another member of the cast you might recognise is Alec who is played by Kevin Zegers, who you may have seen in it’s a boy girl thing.

So that’s the story and the characters, now let’s talk about the soundtrack a little bit. Now this soundtrack is pretty awesome from the songs I have heard in the movie. There is a contribution from Demi Lovato as well as a song by Arianna Grande and Nathan Sykes. Now the music I heard for the film is pretty awesome.
There are a couple of things that may shock you in this movie. There is a very strong character in this movie who is gay, which you don’t see every day. There is a love cube, which makes everything so much more interesting. Also there are some revelations that may shock you, I know they shocked me. But all these things I have mentioned just makes me think one thing. When is the next movie coming out???
So go check this movie out guys, there is enough fight scenes in it I dare say to keep a guy happy. Even if everything I have said still doesn’t make you want to go out and see this movie, then watch it for Jamie Campbell Bower. He may have been a baddie in Twilight but he is certainly a hunk in this movie. He is the dark bad boy type that appeals to the ladies. Well it appeals to me anyway, oh and just so you know ladies you do see the bad boy topless! That by itself is a good enough reason to watch it for me.
Let me know in the comments if you have checked out the books or the movie, I want to know what you think.
Until Next Time

Friday 16 May 2014

Substitutes for shaving gel

Hello my lovely Readers,

I don’t know about you guys but always run out of shaving gel just when I need it the most, and get your head out of the gutters people because I’m talking about legs. I always run out just when I need it and either end up with a shaving rash or wearing jeans until I can nip into Superdrug’s and buy some more. I can’t be the only one who has this problem, I do own a Wilkinson Intuition razor which has the moisture shaving bars but buying the blades can be expensive so I decided to experiment. Using normal objects I found around my bathroom I decided to see which one would be the best to use when I run out of shaving gel, there were 5 contenders.
5th Place is Baby Oil
-Slippery As, so very dangerous
-Can’t see where you have shaved aka no Foam
-No Rash afterwards
4th Place is Conditioner
-Doesn’t leave a rash
-Moisturises as well
-Doesn’t lather up so no foam
3rd Place is Baby Shampoo
-Smells Good
-Lathers well
-Ok Result
2nd Place is Bubble Bath
-Bit Runny
-Lathers well
-Good Result
1st Place is Shower Gel
-Lathers Great
-Good Result
Ok so that’s the results. You can use these substitutes on the arm areas if need be. Let me know what you guys use if you ever run out of Shaving Gel at the wrong time. Let me know if you have tried any of these ones and had a different opinion to me.
Until Next Time

Lip Balm/Stain Battle

Hello my lovely readers,
I have noticed that a lot of makeup brand have been bring out these lip balms/ tint/stain products. I’m not sure quite what category they fall under at the moment but with so many brands bringing them out I wanted to know if there was one brand that was out performing the rest! Now I looked at a variety of brands including one that could be described as high end. The brands that I looked at are Make Up Academy, Soap & Glory, L’Oreal, Rimmel and Revlon. Now the way I did this was by blindfolding my mum and testing them out on her. She then scored them, I will also include my thoughts as well.
So lets jump in:
MUA Power Pout
I got two from this line and they were Justify and Broken Hearted. Justify is an orange colour whereas Broken Hearted is a red colour with possibly a slight hint of pink. 
-Smells Minty like spearmint
- Good pigmentation
-£3 each
- 5/10
Thoughts: I really like these, they don’t pull the lips and they don’t need any re applications due to the stain in them. Easy to remove and will look brilliant on their own or used with other lip products. The price for these was so nice and very affordable.
Revlon Just Bitten
Again I got two of these and they were completely different colours and not what I would usually were. I got Cherish which is a lilac purple colour and charm which is a peachy nude colour.
-Spearmint Smell
-Dragged Lips when applying
-Good pigmentation
-£7.99 each
- 4/10
Thoughts:  I disagree with my mum here as I didn’t feel like these ones dragged my lips. There may have been a little dragging but no more than when you put on any other lip product.  The price was a bit more than I wanted to pay but I did like the choice and the colours surprised me and I happened to actually like them on my lips.
L’Oreal Paris Glam Shine
I only got one of these and it was in the colour Die For Guava which is a gorgeous light to medium pink colour.
-no smell
-Too Hard when applying
-No Lip Dragging
-Shine on lips
-Good colour but not brilliant
Thoughts: I do love this colour, but I am a great fan of all things pink and this is brilliant for when you want a nude pink colour on your lips but in a subtle way. The price wasn’t too expensive but  I still found it a lot for the product.
Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker 3D Volume Lip Shine
I got this one in Bashful which is a very light pink colour and I only purchased one of these. I do think in my opinion that this brand is kind of high end.
-Vanilla/ Sweet Smell
-Easy to apply
-No Dragging the lips
-Feels silky on the lips
Thoughts: For me I would of given this one a higher score as I love the sweet smell it has to it. Admittedly I’m not a fan of the price, I think it’s a bit much for the product but then again if you compare it to other high end products I would say the price is pretty nice in that respect.
Rimmel Lasting Finish Colour Rush
I only got one of this line when there was an offer going on a while back. I got the colour Give me a cuddle which is a light to medium pink.
-Vanilla/Sweet Smell
-Went on Okay
-Didn’t drag the lips
-Good pigmentation
Thoughts: I not only love the colour of this product but I also love the sweet smell. My lip products don’t need to smell for me to like them but a nice smell is never a bad idea. The price for this product is better than some of the others.

So there we have a Lip balm/stain battle where the winner turned out to be Rimmel London. Let me know in the comments which brand would have been victorious if you did this battle. Let me know if you have tried this products and most importantly what you thought.
Until Next Time


Sunday 20 April 2014

Easter Bunny Nails

Hello my lovelies and Happy Easter
Ok so I'm no Nail art expert or anything but my friend shared a picture with me on Facebook and I decided I wanted to recreate the nails and tell you guys how you can do them yourselves. So here is the picture:

So first thing first is what you need to create this look. 
Blue Nail Polish (I used Barry M Colbat Blue)
White striper
Black Striper
Dotting tool
White Nail Polish (I used Barry M Matt White)
Pink Nail Polish ( I used Barry M Bright Pink)
Base Coat, I used Sally Hansen hard as nails
Top Coat, I used Sally Hansen Triple Strong which I got offline
A baby pink colour, I used Rimmel London Pro Baby pink (optional)

The dotting tool and stripers can be found on eBay for about two pounds each or less. The top coat I got off of Amazon but any top coat would work. 
So let's get started and create these lovely bunny nails for Easter. 

1. Start off by using a base coat to protect the natural nail. 
2. Next when you have decided where you want your bunnies to be paint the nails two coats of the blue and white polish. 
3. While that's drying I likes to use a Baby Pink colour and paint two coats on my other nails. You can use any colour you want at this stage or you can bunnies on all your nails it's up to you! 

4.on your blue nail use the white stripey to paint a semi circle on the tip then paint on some ears and fill in the tip of your nail in for the bunnies head
5. On the white nail you need to do the same thing using the pink polish. I didn't use a striper for this but you can clean one off and use it. Don't worry if you make a mess you can clean it up later. 
6. Using the small side of the dotting tool, dip it in black and place two dots on the white bunny for eyes. Then using the black striper make the bunnies nose and mouth by drawing semi circles. 
7. Using the black striper draw two upside down semi circles on the pink bunny. Then using the white striper paint a small stripe in each of the bunnies ears. 
8. Using the larger end of the dotting tool and pink polish dot on two lines in the white bunnies ears. 
9. Finally use the top coat to seal in your design

Now you can use a cotton bud with some nail polish remover to clean it up. But that is the finished look. As you can see I'm not that good at nail art but I'm going to keep practicising.
  Let me know in the comments if you have tried this look and I would love to see your guys bunny nails. So tag me on Instagram or Twitter or even post them on the Facebook page. All the details and links can be found on the contact me page. 
Until Next Time

Monday 31 March 2014

Beauty Haul

There are three things that really shouldn’t be mixed: me with money, town and offers! Every time these things are mixed then disaster usually strikes. Anyway it’s too late for regrets, plus why would you want to regret something that was fun?  Though I must admit if I hadn’t been doing a shift at Tk-maxx I probably wouldn’t have spent so much!

So my first strike was in Superdrug, where there were offers galore. There was a buy one get the second half price on all Superdrug own brand. Also it was buy one get the second half price on Maybelline; it’s safe to say I abused these! So the first thing I picked up was some face masks! They are just normal sachet Superdrug own face masks, but they looked amazing! I picked up Yogurt smoothie mask, Tropical cocktail peel-off, Apricot exfoliating and sugar & spice self-heating mask.
Next I picked up to Maybelline colour sensational lipsticks. They just brought out a nude range and I picked up Tantalizing Taupe and Honey Beige. Both are gorgeous colours. 

Then continuing with make-up I picked up the Maybelline Big Eyes mascara. I picked this up because it has a smaller brush for the lower lashes!

I then picked up the Maybelline Gel eye liner that comes with a little pot and a brush.

I noticed while I was there that Maybelline had brought out a new foundation. It’s called Super stay better skin; I picked up both the foundation and concealer. Apparently it’s a flawless finish foundation that gives you an instant even tone on your face. It also claims to give you better looking skin in 3 weeks, we will see about that! The foundation has a vitamin enriched formula that improves skin’s appearance leaving it feeling energised and looking healthier as if renewed. It claims to have all day wear and non-transfer. You can bet I will be putting this product to the test.

The last two things I picked up in Superdrug are a pencil sharpener and a nail polish that is a base coat, ridge filler and growth enhancer.

After I finished work on Saturday I had to check out the nail Polish TK had in stock and I ended up picking up 2! I picked up Essie ‘Fondola Gondola’ and China Glaze ‘Peachy Keen’. They were a bargain at £3.99. It goes to show that if you don’t look you really don’t find the great bargains! You will here more about these lovelies in an upcoming blog!
The last things I picked up on this shopping spree where from a little shop called ‘Perfect Scents’. Here I picked up four Yankee Candle wax tarts! Now I’m not obsessed with burning candles by any means but there is nothing better than walking into my bedroom and it smelling amazing because I have had a tart burning. I picked up the following scents: Vanilla Cupcake, Vanilla Chai, Paradise Spice and Waikiki Melon. I usually go for mostly Vanilla sweet scents but when I smelt this I loved each one.
So that’s it. That’s everything that ended up coming home with me during my impromptu shopping trip before and after work on a simple weekend. Let me know in the comments if you have got or tried anything I have brought, whether you loved it or hated it. I would love your honest opinions! Also let me know if you want more Haul type blogs
Finally I just want to say a quick thankyou to all my lovelies who are reading this! You have been amazingly patient in my lapse in posting this year, (I know not a great start on those New Year Resolutions.) Anyway I will be trying to post more but bare with me, it's hard finding time to write these and post them with no internet and working 7 days a week. However I will find a balance!
See you Next Time

March Favourites

 I have seen both bloggers and you tubers telling you guys about what they have been loving this month. So I thought   I would give it a go. 

First we are going to look at hair care. I have three products that I loved this past month. They are from the same line, my mum actually picked these products  up in Poundland and we have since seen them in savers! I was skeptical but have since eaten my words. 

I use the mask once a week, the conditioner every other time I wash my hair. I use the heat defence spray everytime I blow dry or straighten my hair. It's become my go to essential when using heat. Not only do these products smell great but they also leave my hair feeling soft and smooth. 

Next is skincare and I have only tried out one new product in the past month. That product is Olays 2in1 primer. 

Not only does this prime your face ready for makeup but it also hydrates your face.  This primer made my skin feel hydrated even once I had applied my make up. To top it off my skin stayed feeling this way all day! 

 Next I'm going to look at make up and I have two products I have been loving. The first is the new Maybelline superstau better for skin foundation. I have been loving this foundation so much that you can see the effect on the bottle. Which is a first for me! Once applied this foundation gives me an even skintone to apply the rest of my makeup. 

 The foundation is in a glass bottle with a pump which makes applying the foundation a lot easier! 
  The second make up favourite I have been loving is Loreal Miss Manga mascara. I have it in black and it has become my go to black mascara. I love the way it makes my lashes look. They look long and curvey. The best bit is that it doesn't just clump them together. 

 The wand has flexibility and I love the bottle it is in. I love the pink and black it just looks so good together. 
  My next favourite this month is a brand of gum. It is Extra White Bubblemint gum. It has the consistency of chewing gum but tastes like bubblegum. I love this gum so much so that I ended up buying a tub!

So that's it, let me know if you like this and I will do it again. Also let me know if you have tried any of these products as I would love to hear what you think. 
See You Next Time


Friday 21 February 2014

Maybelline Coverstick Concealer

  Ok before I begin I must admit that I didn't actually intend to pick up this item. I thought I was picking up the fit me foundation stick - I have ended up being glad of my mistake though!

The concealer boasts that it can cover blemishes and dark circles while being water proof. Well I tried the product out on my face against redness on my nose and dark circles under my eyes. The way I applied the concealer was by simply sliding the stick over the areas I wanted to cover, then softly pat the product to blend it in.
The Concealer in its packaging.
The actual Concealer stick.

To me the concealer has a medium to light to medium coverage that is buildable. It does lighten dark circles but doesn't cover them, leaving only the puffiness remaining. The concealer comes in three shades and is a bargain at £3.99.

Overall, I do like the concealer and recommend that you guys try it out! Let me know what you think of it and if you guys have tried a concealer that stands out for you.

Rating: 4/5 Lemons

Until Next Time

Tuesday 7 January 2014

Everything £5 Website

I heard about this website from a friend and was eager to try it out! I mean who doesn't love finding a great pair of shoes or a dress for only £5?

Now this site gets new stock daily, they have a variety of styles and sizes. Which means there is something for everyone! No matter what your style you are likely to find something that you will like.
I went on this site to find something for my Graduation that is fast approaching! I ended up finding up finding two great dresses that I can wear again after my Graduation. I immediately placed my order on the 31st October 2013. The checkout was quick and easy. You can even use Paypal which was awesome. Now shipping was only £3.95 1st class standard shipping. The shipping was great because it wasn't too expensive!
What was great about this site is the fact that I was kept updated by email. I got emails saying my order was being processed and when it was dispatched. I even got emails from Royal Mail saying it was at my nearest collection office and it would be delivered that day! They even sent me an email once I had received it saying it had been delivered. This was great because it meant that if someone else was at home to receive I would know it was waiting for me. My items arrived on 4th November and came in a normal grey postal sack.
Overall this is a great site with a great variety of stock to suit everyone! You can even sign up to get newsletters and look at the new stock they have got in. I guarantee if you check out this site you wont be disappointed!
Rating: 5/5 Lemons
Until Next Time