Saturday, 25 July 2015

The Love/Hate Tag

I was recently tagged by the oh so amazing Emma  of Peace Love Vintage to complete the Love/ Hate Tag. After reading her post I knew I had to do this for you guys. Oh and if you haven't seen her blog then you really need to check that out. It is amazing and you won't regret checking it out!

The Rules

Simply list 10 things which you love and 10 things which you hate- Nominate 10 blogger friends to complete the tag next!

Ten Things I Love ( In no Particular Order)

1. My Amazing Friends. The people who keep me sane and don't mind when I act a little bit crazy!
2. Audrey Hepburn. An amazing actress and a beautiful person inside and out. She was an actress, worked for UNICEF and did all this with a child hood that was very much different to what I knew.
3. Christmas. The Season of giving. A season about being with loved ones with awesome movies and food. Need I say more.
4. Reading. I love getting lost in a book and escaping my own world for a little bit. I love the way an Author can make you feel what the character is feeling.
5.Travelling. I have been to a few places in Europe but I would love the explore the rest of the world and see the different cultures.
6. Nail Polish. I love all the different colours, effects and obviously all that nail art! Nails can change a look.
7.Baking. I love to bake sweet treats for my family and friends. I love trying new recipes.  I love turning flour, sugar, butter and eggs into a cake, that is so much more yummy!
8. Vintage. I love the vintage styled hair, makeup, clothes and the way things were. A time when everyone was looking for love.
9. Baths. What other way is there to spend a relaxing evening in a Bath. Especially with candles, music and a few bath bombs.
10. My Movie Collection. I love all the movies I own. From Disney to Superhero. Harry Potter to Twilight. Cartoon to Musical. Its a world where anything is possible. Where Magic is around the Corner and Superhero's save the day.

Ten Things I Hate (In no particular order)

1.Bullies. It is simple in my mind. If you don't like someone, then don't go near them. There is no excuse for tearing someone down. At the end of the day it doesn't solve anything.
2. Animal Cruelty. I see absolutely no purpose in harming poor defenceless creatures. All pets and animals want to do is live their lives. When it comes to pets, they want to be loved and taken care of just like everyone else.
3. Cruelty to Children. It turns my stomach that someone could hurt an innocent child.
4. Saying Goodbye. Whether its at the end of life or someone is going away. Goodbye is always hard because no one wants to let someone go.
5.Football. I Just don't like it.]
6. Feeling invisible. It's not a great feeling, especially if you put effort in with people.
7. Fruit. I only eat raisins because they are the only thing that doesn't make me feel ill.
8. Vegetables. Potatoes is it for me. The rest even the smell makes me feel sick.
9. Societies view on Beauty. Magazines full of size 8 and under. Making everyone above a size 16 feel like they need to lose weight to be accepted or loved. Or to feel beautiful.
10. Negativity. Ironic I know. But there is no need for it.

So the bloggers I nominate are:

3. Tegan
7. Lisa

Oh and I nominate all you my lovely readers. Let me know what things you love and hate in the comments. Don't forget to let me know if you do this tag so I can read what you wrote.

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Saturday, 18 July 2015

Glossybox July 2015

So for the past couple of months I have been subscribed to Glossybox. I never know whether to do a post about them as I don't if you are guys are interested. But this month is a collectors edition Viva La France and as soon as my box arrived I knew I wanted to put it up on this blog for you guys. 
 The packaging of the box is simply gorgeous and has Madmosielle Glossy as well as other France land marks on the box. In keeping with the theme all on the packaging on the inside of the box is blue white and red. Super cute!

 Now the first thing you see once you have opened all the packaging and removed the information cards. (am I the only one who likes to read this after I have looked inside?) There is a see through travel pouch with none other than Mademoiselle Glossy blowing you a kiss! 
Now the first thing I pulled out of the pouch is this Teoxane Cosmeceuticals perfect skin refiner. Now I don't know about you guys but this sounds kind of fancy. According to the info card this product helps resurface the skin and reduce irritation using the calming ingredients. 

The next thing I pulled out was a cute little pink box. So obviously I kind of liked it already. I liked this one even more when I realised it was a perfume sample. Now I don't know about you guys but I LOVE perfume samples. This sample is Yves Rocher Comme Unr Evidence. I have to say that the card describes the scent as 'French musky floral scent which is light feminine and airy.' Perfect way to describe this scent and smells amazing. What I think made it even more special is that the packaging is simple and it is a glass bottle!

The next thing I pull out of the pouch is Noxidoxi enhancing serum base. I don't know about you guys but just the word serum makes me think something is fancy but that is likely to just be me. Anyway according to the information card this serum 'hydrates the skins surface as well as the deeper layers, while a cocktail on anti oxidants and anti inflammatories protect the skin'. This sounds like an amazing product and I can't wait to test it out! 

So the final product I pulled out of the pouch is a Lollipops lip balm Delicieuse. If that last word mean delicious than they are kind of right this product has a gorgeous vanilla smell, it has pink packaging with little lollipops and cupcakes over it. According to the information card this lip balm is loaded with antioxidants, vitamin E and it will protect your lips from UV damage. Yay multi product. 

So that's my Glossybox, if you would like a review on any of these products let me know in the comments. Between us I know really want to go and visit France and find some more French products.

Let me know in the comments if you liked this unboxing. Also let me know what else you want to see on this blog.

Until Next Time 


Sunday, 5 July 2015

Skincare Haul + a few extras

Hey Guys,

So recently I realised I needed some new face products and after a little thinking I realised that I wanted to try out more of the B. skincare range at Superdrugs. You see I have used a whole container of the Micellar water and had loved every second of using it. So this obviously meant a trip to Superdrugs especially when I learnt that selected products from the range were half price. Though if you read my last Superdrug haul you will know that I am one of those girls who can't go into this shop without coming out with products I hadn't been planning to buy. Let me tell you that this time was no exception!

So as you can see from the above picture there isn't just skin care. The first extra I picked up was some shaving gel. Now I am currently using a Dove body wash when I shave however this lovely one from Gillette was half price. It was even cheaper than Superdrugs own brand. I had a some bottle of this one before and did really like it. So obviously seeing the full size product at a good price. There really is no question about why that this particular product ended up in my basket.

So the first piece of Skincare I picked up was the B. Revealed Glycolic Cleansing Peel. Now I will admit that cleansing peel makes me wary of this product but at closer look at the directions I see that it is similar to the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish, which I am currently using a sample size of. Now I haven't managed to try this product out yet so I can only say it sounds like the Liz Earle simply by how you use the product. The product states that it has a gentle and effective exfoliating action, that makes the skin look and feel softer and smoother from the first use. Let's face it who doesn't want soft and smooth skin.

The next skincare product I purchased was actually a repurchase as it was the Micellar water that I fell in love with. I can honestly say that when I use this my skin really feels clean after wards, plus it removes any lingering make up. The product says that its is a quick and easy 3 in 1 cleanser that dissolves impurities in a single sweep, with no water required. Now I'll admit that this is my number one lazy product. I love using this on a lazy day as it will cleanse my skin and I can just put on my moisturiser on afterwards.

Another multi purpose product is the cleansing wipes, I haven't tried these but love to use wipes at night before moisturising and jumping into bed. Now these wipes cleanse, tone, hydrate and condition the skin, which is brilliant and one of those lazy products. Something I love already love about this product is that it has a very nice plastic top. Which means there is no fiddling with that little thin piece of plastic to make sure your wipes don't dry out. This and those four things means this product already gets a thumbs up before I even have the chance to try them!

Something you guys don't know is that I am a fan of eye creams. I love them as I always see it as something indulgent to use. So I feel like I'm pampering myself when I do use them. So naturally I wanted to try out the one offered up in this range.  This eye cream helps to refresh tired looking eyes by firming and smoothing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Lets face it, its never too early to try and fight those signs of aging. Plus anything that makes me look more awake is a bonus in my book.

Now I picked up this cream as I am a big fan of BB creams but have never tried any CC creams, so when I saw that this range had a CC Cream that was in this offer. It went straight into my basket.  The best bit about this is that it has built in SPF. Now if anyone from England is reading this they probably think I am crazy right now because in England and down here in Southampton sunshine is few and far between. We tend to go a bit crazy when it does turn up and yes we are the typical moan about not having any sunshine and then as soon as we get it, we moan about it being too hot. Anyway back to this haul. The reason I like having the SPF in this is that it means that I know my face is covered if and when the sun decides to show its face.

Now I am a big fan of cleansers even though I wouldn't call them a lazy product. I love a cleanser as I use them at the end of my shower routine and they always make my skin feel well clean. This one from B is called the melting gel cleanser, which I must admit made me curious more than anything. Reading the back of this product makes me even more curious as it looks like this has three phases. The first phase is a gel that melts to into an effective deep cleansing oil. Now this oil is gentle enough to remove eye makeup. The oil then washes off as a milky toner leaving skin soft and supple. YAY a multi use product as the end of this sounds a lot like cleansing oil that I currently use to take my make up off.

Now I am a big fan of extra moisturising night creams as I have some very dry patches on my face so I like to use a very moisturising product before bed so it can work will I sleep.  Now this B range have a B nourished night serum, so obviously this already sounds like a product I need in my life. Come to think of it, that could be why it ended up in my basket. The description just cements what I need out of this product. The description on the front says ' Wake up to soft replenished complexion with the ultimate beauty sleep for your skin'.

Now like the last time I went to Superdrugs, this trip was no exception even when I steer clear of the make up I always walk out with at least one product in my bag. This time I ended up with three. All of them were from the brand Make Up Academy or MUA for short. Now I do know this brand, they are pretty cheap but still good products. The first two things I picked up was two of their new Sweet Sheen Lip balms. I assume these are new anyway, I haven't seen them before so they are new to me anyway. I got two colours one is the 'Peach Dream' which is an peach type colour and I have been loving Peach coloured lip products this summer. So obviously had to have this one. The second one I got is called 'Pink Lilly' isn't that just a cute name. Now this one is baby pink in colour and just adorable. The best part was that these were only £2 each!

Now the final MUA lip product that found its way into my basket is a lip gloss from the MUA Luxe range. The lip gloss is part of a range called Whipped Velvet that just sounded kind of luxurious to me. I got the colour 'Rococo' that kind of reminds me of a TV program that I used to love called Rocco's Modern Life. Anyway back to the lip gloss it is a very cute kind of bright baby pink colour. I did notice that when I swatched it on my hand next to the balm it was more intense in colour. The best part of this lip gloss is the price of only £3.

Left to Right: Pink Lilly, Peach Dream & Rococo.

Now it wasn't until I was writing this that I realised that all the B skincare products had the little bunny on them to show that they were made Cruelty free. Which I kind of love. Now the most I paid for one of these B skincare Products was just over £5. So I would suggest that buy a few at a time. I mean that's what I did, I'm planning to go back and get a day time moisturiser and see if they have anything for spots.

Let me know if you have tried any of these products and what you thought of them. Better yet let me know in the comments what brand beauty you are currently using.
Until Next Time

Emma xx

Saturday, 4 July 2015

Bella & Bear Make Up bag Review

Hey Guys,

Welcome back. Today I have a make up bag I wanted to review. I have never done this type of review before so please bare with me. So I'm going to start at the very beginning, well kind of. So this is all to do with the company Bella & Bear. I will put the link to there blog here if you want to find out more.

This all started when I got an email from the company Bella & Bear. I had recently signed up for their newsletter so I assume this was how they got my email.  Now I got this email after work when it was sent about 8 am that morning. I had no Wi-Fi connection until then, which is why it took about eight hours for it to come through. Now this email was stating that Bella & Bear were launching a brand new make up bag and the first 10 or 15 people who replied to the email would get a code where all they had to do was pay for packaging. Now I replied but didn't get my hopes up because as I already mentioned there had been 8 hours since this email had even been sent so what were the chances that there was even going to be some left. I don't know if I got lucky or if Bella & Bear is a big secret to most people but oh well.

Shipping really didn't take long. I think it was less than a week! So that was brilliant. The best thing was it arrived in time for me to use it. I recently stayed at my Dad's house for a week so it was the perfect time to try this baby out. It was packaged in a gorgeous box which has the signature blue and rose vintage theme covering it. The bag is coloured the same way!

As you can see from the above pictures the bag opens up to show two sides, with a handy hook so you can hang it up. Though what you cant see in the pictures is the super cute Heart shaped zip. Which I love! Anyway back to the bag. Now the picture may look like the bag is small and I will admit that when I first saw this bag I did think great another bag where I'm going to need multiple bags for my toiletries which is no fun. Though I was delightfully surprised when this bag fit all my toiletries in it for the week.  So just to give you an idea of how much this bag fit in I'm going to list what I put in there with a little room to spare:

Shampoo & Conditioner
Shower Gel
Flannel/ Muslin Cloth
Cleansing Oil
Face Cleanser
2x eye cream
Lip balm
Face Wipes
Body Lotion
Tube of Face Mask
Tea Tree Oil
Body Scrub

So from that list I think is safe to say this bag fits a lot of products! It is really one of those don't judge a book by it's cover type of product! So I completely recommend going out and getting this bag which can be found on Amazon! It's safe to say this will absolutely be the first thing that gets packed in my future.

Let me know if you have heard of Bella and Bear and what you think about their products in the comments below. Also let me know if there is any products that you think I should try out!
Until Next Time.

Emma xx

Superdrugs Haul

Hey Guys,
So welcome back, so in typical female spirit I took a trip to Superdrugs the other day to pick up some I love products. If you read my Getting ready for summer post then you will know that I am absolutely in LOVE with the raspberry and blackberry products, if not check it out here. So obviously when I saw that they were half price I had to take advantage of this awesome offer! So in typical me fashion I went in for three products and came out with eight! So I decided to make a Haul post out of this little miracle. So let's get started!

So the first thing I picked up was one of the items I wanted to get is the I love Raspberry and Blackberry bubble bath and shower crème. Now I wanted this because I was already in love with the scent and was using my body scrub like crazy. I figured as I already have the body butter if I got this I could really layer that smell. Which is obviously a genius idea as this is completely a summer scent for me.

The next thing I picked up was another one I wanted to get. It was a brand new bottle of the body scrub as I was getting through my current one quite quickly. I love using this scrub before I shave or before using my body wash as it really makes my skin smooth. Also as it kind of foams up a little bit so you can totally use it by itself! BONUS!

I then picked up another of the body spritzer's as I'm already half done with my current one and I am slightly obsessed with it.  This was the third product that I actually wanted to get and with the offer on ALL of these products ended up being less than £2 each! Which is steal because they are awesome.

So this is where my impulse buying started! I didn't even realise this product was available but apparently the I love range has hand cream as well. I immediately thought that it was now possibly for me to moisturise my hands will still layering my scent. Well that and I kind of love hand cream and having soft hands!

So I don't know how it is possible to go into Superdrugs or any place they sell make up with out me having a look if not purchasing something. This time I had a look at a brand I haven't used at all. But I knew I wanted some kind of cream blush to use during the summer. Though we don't get much of one in England. Anyway I came across the brand NYC. I found this lovely blush in the colour 'Soho Pink'.  It is just this really cute colour which gives this very natural looking flush on your cheeks. So perfect!

So I kind of have a thing for lip products. I love trying new colours and seeing which colours suit me. So when I came across some in the NYC brand for £2 or less. My eyes must have brightened. Plus I'm always on the search for the perfect nude and the perfect nude pink colour. I ended up picking up three colours, again they were a bargain. The first one is 'Creamy Mauve' and to be honest I picked this up because I liked the name though it is a very pinkie colour. The next one I picked up is called 'Snowcone' which is this super cute baby pink colour! The last one I picked up is called 'Modern Love' which is a cute brighter pink colour.

Left to Right: Soho Pink, Creamy Mauve, Snowcone and Modern Love.

Let me know if you have tried any products from the NYC brand and what you think? Have you found any I love scents that are perfect for summer? Have you ever gone into Superdrugs and came out with more than you wanted? Let me know in the comments along with anything you want to see on this blog!
Until Next Time

Emma xx