Thursday, 14 February 2019

Review: Mr One-Night Stand*

So if you follow me on Instagram you may have seen a post from earlier this week about a brand new Mills & Boon Dare book that I received. It is called Mr One-Night Stand by Rachael Stewart, now this is her first book for Mills & Boon so I knew I had to review it for you guys. 

The thing I love about the Dare series is that these books are written by woman for woman, which just means we are getting exactly what we want. No offence to the male authors out there but woman know what woman want and Rachael is no different. I don’t know how but she manages to write a book with just the right amount of detail, that’s more than your standard Mills and Boon book but not enough to categorise it as an erotic story. I have to be honest I love every descriptive detail that she uses and I’m sure you guys will too.

So some of you fellow book nerds out there are probably wondering how was it written? Well I thought the story flowed very well and Rachael gives you enough detail about her characters that meant I could get a very clear picture in my mind. What’s even better is that the lead female (Jennifer Hayes) is not your average character. She has back bone and is not afraid to stand up to the lead Male (Marcus Wright). Also it’s not another boss and secretary story. Instead Jennifer is a powerful business lady who goes after what she wants, Marcus is not her boss but her brand new Business Partner. Can someone say equal footing yay! 

So I am always honest with you guys and because of that I’m going to let you into my first thoughts. Although I read the back of the book and thought ‘Yeah this sounds good’ I had a feeling that it was going to take me a while to read it. Don’t know why but the feeling was there. Now I am so happy to say my feeling was completely incorrect. I picked up that book and read 8 Chapters before I put it back down. I finished in the book in less than 24 hours, I also slept and did a whole days work in that time as well. So by that you can tell that I devoured the 223 pages of this book. 

So overall I thought this book is exactly what Dare is all about. Not only that I can’t wait to see what Rachael Stewart is going to release next for Mills & Boon. The book is available on Kindle as of 21st February and I recommend you going and grabbing it. 

Until Next Time