Thursday, 29 March 2018

Review: His Majesty’s Temporary Bride *

So a little disclaimer before I start. I worked on this post Mills & Boon Insider. This essentially means I was given a list of books and able to pick which one I wanted to read. My views on this book are completely my own and the truth.

His Majesty's Temporary Bride is that latest book to be released by Annie West under Mills & Boon Modern. 

This story focus's on Cat and Alex, two different people. Alex is actually King Alexander of Bengaria, while Cat is a feisty bodyguard. This story is about romance, chemistry and a little bending of the truth. 

What is great about this book which sets it apart from other romance novels, is the main lady Cat. Cat is a strong bodyguard, a job not usually given to the female lead in a book. Not only has she got a strong job role but she is also a very sporty lady who is more suited to parcours than to royal balls.

This is a well written story, that makes you want to reach the end. A great thing is that it also sets you up for a connecting story called 'The Greeks Forbidden Princess'. To find out whose story that is and how it connects, you will just have to read the book. I can tell you this much, I will definitely be buying this book.

Until Next Time