Monday, 15 June 2015

Review- Jurassic World

Hey Guys,

Welcome back. So I haven't done a review in a while and decided since I had planned to see Jurassic World that has only recently come out in the UK. I thought it's a sign this film just has to be reviewed. Now I'm hoping that all of you reading this have seen the Jurassic Park Trilogy. If not why are you reading this blog when you could be watching those films?
In all seriousness I did love the first three films, even if they scared me when I was a kid. I soon grew to love them even if I did end up having a dinosaur related dreams that night. Anyway I was super excited when I found out they were making a Fourth. So obviously I had to see it! Lets start with some facts, this movie was directed by Colin Trevorrow. Now obviously it was a big task to take on when two of the previous trilogy where directed by none other than Steven Spielberg, though Mr Spielberg was one of the producers for this film. The film has a running time 2 hours and 4 minute, yeah I know kind of a random length but oh well.

Now lets talk cast. The cast line up includes Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Ty Simpkins, Judy Greer, Irrfan Khan, Vincent D'Onofrio, Nick Robinson, Jake Johnson, Omar Sy and BD Wong. Now I will admit that I haven't heard of some these. I know one of them was in New Girl, one of them was in the original Jurassic Park and another was a in Guardians of the Galaxy. I'll let you guys figure out who was in what.

Now the plot of this film is as follows 'Twenty Two years after the events of Jurassic Park, Isla Nublar now features a fully functioning dinosaur theme park. Jurassic World, as originally envisioned by John Hammond. After 10 years of operation and visitor rates declining, in order to fulfil a corporate mandate, a new attraction is called to re-spark visitor's interest, which backfires horribly.' Now from this and the trailers that have been seen we can all guess what is going to happen in the movie. I  must be honest and truthful and say at some points like the other Jurassic Movies it does get to a point where you think 'I know what is going to happen'. However as we have found from the last movies Jurassic seems to surprise us at the end. At least this one surprised me. I really did enjoy this film and noticed that in the cinema there were lots of guys and girls going to see this. Parents I will let you figure out if you want your kids to see this movie. At the end of the day it is rated PG, even if there is big old Dinosaurs killing things all the way through. I'll also let you guys into a little secret, this movie made me jump a few times, but no Dinosaur related for this blogger.. yet. 

Ok so if you have followed my blog and seen my previous film reviews you have probably seen that I like to put in something especially for my female readers. The film hunk of the week and this review will not be any different. We can all probably guess who will win this. But drum roll please the winner is......... CHRIST PRATT. Big shocker there I know but lets face it, he is a hunk. I thought he was gorgeous in Guardians of the galaxy but chuck him in a dinosaur movie and somehow he gets hotter! This gun wielding man was amazing in this role.

Now before I leave you to the rest of your day I just want to share a little bit of information that I found out recently. It is said that our film hunk Chris Pratt has signed on to do the Jurassic World sequel. Now I don't know how true this is. The film like the other three ended in a way that meant it could be the end or there could be another one. So I will leave you with that thought.

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Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Getting Ready For Summer

Hey guys,
Since the season has suddenly turned into summer I thought I would share how I get my body ready for summer. Now before I begin I have to admit that I have a love/hate relationship with summer. I love the season but hate the preparation and all the shaving that seems to go along with the season.  Let's be real now girls, in summer you have to shave those legs because they are out on show! Anyone enough about this lets get going on the actual blog! 

1. Exfoliating!
Not only does exfoliating get rid of dead skin but it also reduces the chances of ingrown hairs, bonus! I have also found that exfoliating helps give me a closer shave, which is brilliant! Let's face it a closer shave means the hair will take longer to grow back which again is a huge bonus! 
Now don't go thinking you have to go out and buy some body scrub to complete this step or even make one. No a body puff with normal shower gel also works for this step. When I really want to pamper my body I will use both but just one will usually do the trick! 

So these are the products that I love to use when exfoliating! The scrub is from Superdrug's and I am completely in love with the scent. It isn't a harsh scrub which is brilliant but it works wonders when you use it on your body. Especially since if you add some water you can also get a little lather going. This makes it so much easier when applying it to your skin. The brand has actually called this scrub a shower smoothie but I still love it! If you are interested in this product the link is here.
The body puff can be brought anywhere really. I got this one in a Dove gift set in the Christmas Sales. These can be brought at any drug store really. I will pop a link to the Superdrug's website where you can purchase on of these here.

2. Shaving!
So this next part is probably very obvious to you guys but it is essential in the summer and that's shaving. I'm not talking down there, get your minds out the gutter.  I'm talking about the legs and the underarms. I'm not ashamed to say that I get hairy legs and underarms. Shocker there! Anyway with summer comes shorts and sleeveless tops! Which means the areas that are normally hidden won't be.

Now I'm going to put my hand up and say that I find shaving an absolute chore. I hate it but its a necessity. I will point out right now that in the winter when my legs are hidden by trousers and jeans, I will put off shaving for as long as I can. But like I have already said summer I lose that excuse so what I like to do is shave once a week, which I can usually get away with. So on a Sunday Pamper night I will do my shaving and pray that my leg hair doesn't grow back quickly!

I have two razors that I like to use at the moment. The first one is the Wilkinson Sword Hydro Silk, which is pictured above. I actually got this razor in my February Glossy box. I have loved the shape of the razor as it seems to sit perfectly in my hand when I use it.  I also have noticed that the band around the 5 blades does mean I don't get any irritation, which is brilliant. Now obviously I will use shaving gel when I use this razor cause no one wants a shaving rash. Let's face it you only make that mistake once. Now I'm not really picky when it comes to my shaving gel but the one I have recently emptied is the Olay and Venus. If you are interested in this razor you can get it here. Alternatively if you are interested in the Shaving gel you can get it here. I love using these product during my Sunday Pamper Shower.

Now the second razor I like to use is the one I use when I am feeling lazy and my leg hair decides to grow quicker than I wish it would. The above pictured razor is the Gillette Venus & Olay razor. This is the perfect razor for when a girl is feeling particularly lazy. The reason this razor is perfect for that is because this razor comes with Olay's moisture bars both above and below the blades. For those who don't know what this means, it basically means that these bars make shaving gel redundant. The bars will not only moisturise your skin after you have shaved but before as well. The blades make this the perfect razor for travelling and a quick mid week touch up. Not using shaving gel means, it will shave a little time off when shaving those legs. This razor does leave my legs and underarms feeling really smooth. If you are interested in this product you can get it here.

3. Moisturise
Now the next step is something every girl is probably familiar with but it is still essential. Not only does moisturising make your body feel nice and soft it also helps to restore moisture in the skin. Plus I don't know about you guys but I always feel amazing after I have moisturised and have silky smooth skin. Now I don't tend to stick to the same moisturiser as I do like to mix things up a bit. Though I do love a moisturiser that says it has long lasting affects and yes this is going back to me being lazy. It also comes down to the fact that I don't have time every morning to moisturise my body before I head off to work. So a long lasting one works really well especially since it means if I don't have time to moisturise one day I know I am covered. Kind of anyway.

Lately I have been using this moisturiser from Nivea. It is there irresistibly smooth body lotion and I do like it. It says it is long lasting and I do believe it is telling the truth. I have lathered this on before bed and my skin is still feeling smooth in the morning and when I finish work. Which is brilliant. I love putting body lotion on straight after a shower. I always feel like it works better, I don't know if this is true but I like to think it works better. Plus I don't know if it is just me but I love running my hand over smooth skin and smooth legs in the summer is essential. Especially if you get out in the sun that's going to de hydrate you. So the best way I think to combat this is body lotion. If you are interested in this moisturiser you can get it here.

4. Foot Care
Now you can completely ignore this step if you have super smooth feet and don't suffer from dry heels, you can also be safe in the knowledge that I am jealous of you right now. I happen to be one of the people who suffer with dry, cracked heels and let's face it they don't exactly look attractive in a cute pair of flip flops! They don't look attractive in any shoes except trainers cause they are all hidden. So I like to make sure to get my feet ready for summer where they will probably spend most of the season in flip flops or sandals. There has been one product which I have fallen in love with.

From the above picture above you can probably guess that the product I am in love with is the Soap & Glory Heel Genius. Now if you suffer from dry heels or dry feet I seriously recommend you get this product. Now this is literally like a miracle product. All you have to do is massage this into your feet before bed and I like to put on moisturising socks on. Then you get some beauty sleep and let the cream do it's thing. I saw a difference after one night. My feet looked less dry and more summer ready. The best bit about this cream is that you don't even have to remember to put this on every night, you can just put it on when you remember. I try for every other night but usually fail. I do like to make sure that I put it on twice a week! If you are interested in this product you can get it here.

5. Hydrate!
Now my final step when it comes to getting ready for summer is keeping hydrated. We don't get much sunshine in Southampton but I still like to try and up my intake of water. Personally I have seen that when I drink more water I have less dry skin. I don't know if upping your water intake actually helps you with dry skin, but I have found it helps me with mine. Now I prefer cold water , to room temperature water and this really is a personal preference so I will also drink a bottle of water fill it up with tap water and then place it in the fridge for a couple of hours until it is nice and cold again. I find this helps with upping my intake! Now I do tend to use plastic bottles but if you feel like a sports bottle works better for you then do that.

Ok so that just about finishes this blog post! Let me know how you get ready for summer. Don't forget that if you want to see anything here to let me know in the comments or on social media.
Until Next Time.