Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Meeting Lindsey Kelk- aka the best day EVER

Now this is going to be a little different from the rest of my posts as this concentrates on my lifestyle. So this day started a few weeks before with a post on Facebook! A post saying that Lindsey Kelk, THE Lindsey Kelk was coming to Southampton for a book signing. It's safe to say that I had to hold in the urge to scream with excitement. You may have seen my reviews I have previously done on some of Lindsey Kelks books, if not go check them out. The best way to describe Lindsey Kelk's books is that they are the perfect chick flick in a book! So this post not only gave me a chance to meet my favourite author but also an excuse to buy her new book, not that I need an excuse! If you want check out my reviews just click on the one you want to see. About a Girl or I Heart Series.

Now due to the fact that, unless it is shopping, I don't like doing things myself I kinda told my friend Helen that she had to come with me. It's safe to say now she is also a fan. Before the signing however she hadn't heard of Lindsey Kelk, which in my opinion is a complete shame. So the signing was scheduled for 12pm at Waterstones in West Quay within the city centre. So naturally I told my friend to meet me at 10! Let's face it I would rather lose my beauty sleep then miss this chance! 
  Now this next bit may sound weird but I made sure that on Saturday 9th May 2015 I was up early getting myself ready. You know the whole washing my hair, doing my make up and choosing my outfit. I wanted to look amazing and I also thought that if I looked good it may just give me the confidence I needed to actually say more than one word to Lindsey Kelk! Now if you follow me on Twitter you have seen the next picture but here it is for the rest of you. My make up and hair for the day, very simple. 

Now I'll admit I was feeling fine and even when I got into the city centre and met my friend I was getting excited already. Waterstones had set up a display with Lindsey's books. Me and my friend started talking boys and usual girl talk until a lovely lady in a gorgeous yellow coat came up to us and asked if we were waiting for Lindsey. Turns out that this lady was called Michele and was also a Lindsey fan. It wasn't long until we got to talking about the books and New York. It wasn't long til someone else joined us and our conversation. 

So this ended up being the lovely ladies I met. You have Michele, Helen, me and Tori. While we were waiting for Lindsey and in between all the talking an employee from Waterstons came out and wrote our names on a sticky and stuck it to our books. So Lindsey knew how to correctly spell all our names. I really loved this touch as it shows just how much she cares! Next before we knew it Tori pointed Lindsey out as she walked past. What is a girl suppose to do apart from take a picture of her back!  

 Now for the readers who don't know who Lindsey Kelk is she is wearing blue shoes and carrying a red bag (that was gorgeous). And I have to admit from the brief glance I got as she walked past the women is so pretty!! So as you can imagine we all got more excited at this point because it was finally sinking in that we were going to meet her! Though one thing all of us could agree on is that the I heart series or any of her books really needs to be made into a FILM!! 
  Now I don't know if it was us but we were pretty impressed when the employees at Waterstones put out green and pink m&ms, which had Lindsey's name on! How cool is that?

  Now I have to admit something a little embarrassing. I was so nervous to meet Lindsey Kelk that when they finally said to go I had to drag my friend in with me. I know total wimp. Lindsey started her signing early which was awesome and an employee told us that we could chat with her as well as take pictures! Yay! 
  Now when me and Helen got to her table Londsey admitted that she forgot her pen and left it downstairs. So we stood there and got our photos taken and started chatting about anything including Fifty Shades Of Grey!  What was also quite awesome about this signing is that they gave out a small bottle of wine and a straw with Lindsey's name on it. 

How cool is that. She obviously knows the way to her readers hearts! 

Now not only was Lindsey down to earth but she was also more pretty close up. One thing me and Helen couldn't stop mentioning to each other afterwards was how down to earth Lindsey was. 

 Now I know that I have rambled on a lot but it was a big day in my life. That may make me sound sad but I honestly don't care. This one day gave me a meet and greet with my favourite author, a signed copy of her new book and a new friend in Michele. Now I'm going to say goodbye and leave you with the last few pictures and see you next time.