Thursday, 21 August 2014

Mortal Instruments: City Of Bones Movie Review

Hello my little Lemon Drops,

So recently I have managed to sit down and watch The Mortal Instruments City of Bones. This was originally a book by Cassandra Clare and if I’m not mistaken it is actually a series. I’ll admit the film is pretty long with a running time of just over 2 hours, though in all honesty it is two hours of jam packed awesomeness. I haven’t read the books for this series but you can bet that I will be heading to amazon to pick up all the books in this series and if the rest of them are like the first movie. I am in for a treat! Now I know movies tend to differ a little from the books but it still gets me excited to think about what the book is like.

Now let’s talk cast! The cast for this particular movie has a few hot guys (which I love!) and you may even recognise a few of the faces. The lead girl role was given to the talented Lily Collins; you may have seen her in mirror mirror. Lily plays Clary Fray who is supposed to be an ordinary teenager living in Brooklyn. But whoever wants to watch a movie about an ordinary teenager. Now Clary’s life changes one night when she meets Jace and witnesses a murder. Jace is played by the hunk Jamie Campbell Bower, now at first I didn’t realise who he was or why he looked familiar. But Twilight fans cast your mind back to the blond Vampire in the Voltaire and you will have your answer. Jace draws Clary into a world of half angel warriors that battle to save humanity from demonic forces. Not only does Clary get lead into this dark and dangerous new world, she also gets to learn some home truths about her family. She also learns the part she needs to play to determine the fate of the world. Now another member of the cast you might recognise is Alec who is played by Kevin Zegers, who you may have seen in it’s a boy girl thing.

So that’s the story and the characters, now let’s talk about the soundtrack a little bit. Now this soundtrack is pretty awesome from the songs I have heard in the movie. There is a contribution from Demi Lovato as well as a song by Arianna Grande and Nathan Sykes. Now the music I heard for the film is pretty awesome.
There are a couple of things that may shock you in this movie. There is a very strong character in this movie who is gay, which you don’t see every day. There is a love cube, which makes everything so much more interesting. Also there are some revelations that may shock you, I know they shocked me. But all these things I have mentioned just makes me think one thing. When is the next movie coming out???
So go check this movie out guys, there is enough fight scenes in it I dare say to keep a guy happy. Even if everything I have said still doesn’t make you want to go out and see this movie, then watch it for Jamie Campbell Bower. He may have been a baddie in Twilight but he is certainly a hunk in this movie. He is the dark bad boy type that appeals to the ladies. Well it appeals to me anyway, oh and just so you know ladies you do see the bad boy topless! That by itself is a good enough reason to watch it for me.
Let me know in the comments if you have checked out the books or the movie, I want to know what you think.
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