Saturday, 29 October 2022

Blog Tour: Blind Dates by Gordon Macmillan*


'Is true love just a few dates away ... or even closer than you think?

Tom has always been a hopeless romantic: but now he's just hopeless. After lockdown in particular made the millennial a reclusive introvert, it was finally time to get back 'out there' - at least according to his best friends Adam, Allison, Josh and sister Sarah.
As the group sets up ten miracle dates to rejuvenate Tom's love life, he soon realises how difficult the dating scene has become, along with juggling his Shakespearean-themed café on the side and a hobby of romantic mixtape making.
As the dates continue to turn into disasters, an old flame keeps reappearing in Tom's sight - along with bittersweet memories. Fearing it may be too little too late, Tom must decide whether he can date his way to happiness, or find his true match was under his nose the whole time...'

This is the story of Tom a hopeless romantic who wants to find 'The One' but needs to stop hiding in order to achieve this. Tom's story is told over the course of 28 Chapters as well as a Prologue. The prologue does a brilliant job of getting the reader pumped and excited for the story. 

This story is very realistic especially when it comes to the dates that Tom goes on. This story is witty and full of heartfelt moments that readers will just love. It is an uplifting story about the ups and downs of trying to find the elusive 'one'. A story that readers (especially the hopeless romantics like Tom) will love. 

Now let me tell you a little bit about the Author Gordon Macmillan, who is a former journalist writing about media and technology. Gordon now works in marketing for Twitter UK. He has also blogged about dating and politics. His first novel Songs For Your Mother was published in May 2021. His second novel, Blind Dates was published in 2022. Gordon lives in North London and is working on his next book. 

Overall this story will have readers laughing, cringing and crying as the watch Tom on his journey. You can get your copy HERE.

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Blog Tour: A Stolen Knight's Kiss by Melissa Oliver*


'Captured by a knight…

Rescued by his kiss!

When orphan Eva loses the father-figure who’d protected her on the streets of London, she suspects the Knights of Fortitude. But when she steals information from them, she’s caught by brooding knight Nicholas. Learning he might not be the villain after all, she puts her distrust aside to work with him, yet Eva must stay focussed – and not get distracted when they share a stolen kiss!'

This is the second story in 'Protectors of the Crown' series, though part of a series you can read these books as a stand alone. This instalment focuses on Eva and Nicholas. Their story is told over the course of 19 Chapters.  These chapters will soon fly bye as readers get lost in this story. 

From the very moment these two characters meet they start a verbal foreplay that continues throughout the book. This verbal back and forth is interesting for readers and makes this book even easier to get stuck into. 

Throughout this book the point of view clearly switches between Eva and Nicholas. The clear switches mean that the readers always know exactly whose point of view they are reading. The switches in point of view means that the reader really gets the full picture of the story as it progresses.

Now let me tell you about the Author Melissa Oliver, who is from south-west London where she writes her historical romance novels. Melissa lives with her husband and daughters, who share her passion for decrepit, old castles, palaces and all things historical. Melissa is the Winner of The Romantic Novelist Association's Joan Hessayon Award for new writers 2020. This was for her debut novel, the first book in the Notorious Knight's series called The Rebel Heiress and the Knight. If she is not writing Melissa loves to travel, paint as well as visit Museums and Art Gallerys.

Overall this books is addictive and really easy to get stuck into. Although this series can be read as stand alone books, this book has made this reader curious about the first one. You can get your copy HERE

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Thursday, 20 October 2022

Review: Chief Of Security by Fancy Roberts*


'He’s too much. She’s not enough.
Francesca ‘Frankie’ Davenport wanted to fly under the radar when she joined Mailbox, Inc, but when the CEO’s girlfriend takes her under her wing: there’s no place to hide.
When Frankie’s jackass manager becomes more than just an irritating nuisance, Julian Lockwood – Mailbox's tall and deliciously inked security guard with an enormous heart – volunteers to have her back. But to protect Frankie, he’ll have to stay close. Too close.

What’s a little fake dating between friends, right?

Except Julian can’t stop imagining her bright orange hair splayed across his sheets and Frankie can’t forget how safe she feels wrapped up in his arms.

Suddenly, staying “just friends” is turning into a full-time job and no one wants to work overtime.'

This is the second story in the 'Mailbox, Inc' series by Fancy Roberts. This story focuses on Frankie and Julian and is told over the course of 24 Chapters and an Epilogue. The thing with this book is that after Chapter 1 I was already addicted to the story as well as wanting to know more about both the main characters and every single background character invovled. 

From the minute readers begin this book their attention is grabbed as the two main characters are already known to each other. This means readers get to jump straight into the story as well as get a bit of background on Frankie and Julian. Now Frankie and Julian really are an opposites attract sort of romance one doesn't think they are enough while the other believes they are too much. 

At the start of this book there were a few things that readers will be curious about, one is the relationship between the main characters, Frankie and Julian. The other is solely focused on Julian's tattoos. To be fair I am not sure who was more curious about these tattoos at the beginning of the book me or Frankie. I was quite glad that this curiosity didn't kill the cat, and all is revealed later on in the book in a very delicious way. 

Throughout the very addicting book the point of view switches itself between Frankie and Julian. This is done in a very clear way, so readers are not confused. This also gives readers an inside look into the minds of both characters. This comes in handy when things start to kick off with the book plot. 

Now onto the part that was one of my favourites, the steamy scenes! Now let me tell you these steamy scenes were extra hot. There were a few scenes in the book, which was the right amount for this story. Now not all of these scenes were described in detail but the ones that were oh they were delicious. These scenes left me with the distinct impression that I kind of want Julian for myself and yes I am aware he will have to stay as book boyfriend. 

The story itself had great pacing meaning it didn't move the plot along too quickly that readers felt rushed. It also didn't drag the story out, readers weren't waiting for multiple chapters to pass before the main plot was going on.

Something to be aware of when going to pick up this book is that I would recommend you carve out some solid uninterrupted reading time. This book will suck you in and refuse to let go until you have read every word it has to offer. I made the mistake of reading it during a work day. Stopping to actually get on with my day to day job was a form of torture!

Overall this is a brilliantly addictive book that will hook readers in. Not only to the book but too the series as well. Trust me this reader has already brought the first book and can't wait to sink her teeth into the story. This book is released on the 21st October and you can buy a copy HERE.

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Wednesday, 5 October 2022

Blog Tour: Love & Agita by Grayson Avery*

'He's Italian. She's Jewish. Is it a recipe for disaster? Or Ever After?

You think you have a crazy family? Meet Leo Donati, a great guy from a wacky New York Italian family, who is expected to live his life a certain way. There are a few family rules etched in stone that he has done his best to follow:

1. Attend Sunday family dinner. It’s at 2:00. Nobody knows why.
2. Love your mother.
3. Never tell Nonna you're full. Unless you have a death wish.
4. Marry Italian.
5. Family comes first. Always. Friends come and go, but family is forever.

The only problem? He's not living his best life. Not even close. Single, lonely, and spending way too much time at the gym burning sexual energy and ungodly amounts of pasta, Leo hopes his life will change when his father hands over the family business. If only things were that simple. A takeover offer on the business puts Leo on the war path against a strikingly sexy, but overly competitive Jewish woman who is seemingly intent on ruining his life. At least that's how Leo sees it.

As tension rises and Italian tempers flare, Leo wonders if perhaps hate isn't the most accurate word for how he feels about his new nemesis. But it could never work. Yeah, the pizza bagel exists, but real-life cultural divides are more complicated than that, aren't they?

Humor abounds as corporations and cultures collide. Leo tries to thwart the takeover, find love and happiness, while also trying to avoid being bludgeoned to death by his Nonna's wooden spoon.'

This is the story of Leo and is told through 37 Chapters. Now this may seem a lot but readers will be so stuck into the story that they will not notice the chapters flying past. This book is easy to get stuck into, it is engaging and will grab the readers attention and keep it. 

A refreshing change to this book is that the entire story is told from Leo's point of view. This is a refreshing change from normal romance books that tend to stick to either the females point of view or switches between the two. Through this point of view it is very clear to see how much Leo loves his family, each part of his family can be compared to a component in Lasagne. 

Now let me tell you about the Author, Grayson Avery who wrote The Sweet Water Circle Series. A romantic comedy series that focuses on childhood friends in their 30s and 40s as the help each other navigate the stormy waters of dating, marriage, divorce and a whole lot of inappropriate, naughty and downright hysterical situations.

Overall this is a fun read that may leave readers craving Italian food or food in general to be fair. The underlying theme of this book is clear to see. It is a question of whether you follow your family wishes or do your follow your heart? To see what Leo decides get your copy HERE.

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Tuesday, 4 October 2022

Review: Two For Charging by Lasairiona McMaster*

'Dedicated. Driven. Divorced.

Coach Elliott Swift is under pressure from all sides. His players are counting on him to return the team to championship success despite his recently graduated star players. His toxic ex-wife dogs his every move, and his sickly, aging parents require constant care.

When he literally bumps into his childhood best friend, Clare, in the period product aisle of the pharmacy, everything changes. Twenty years is not enough to erase her impact on him. But she gives him the brush off as though they were never a thing.

The last thing he needs, or wants, is a relationship. But he wants her.

He's always wanted her.

Can he earn her forgiveness and put the mistakes of their past behind them? Or will his inability to forgive himself prevent them both from moving forward?'

So the time has come to review the final book in the 'Snow Pirates' Series *sniffs back tears* not sure if I am ready for this series to end because I have loved all five of the previous books and this one is no exception. Though I guess it is fitting that the sixth and final is concentrating on our beloved Coach Elliot Swift. 
This is a book all about a second chance at your first love, now Coach Swift (hereby known as Elliot) has a very good and long history with Clare Reynolds. You may remember Clare as the kick ass neighbour from Kenzie and Austin's story. Yes we are talking that Clare (if you haven't read Kenzie and Austin's story I strongly recommend!)
The moment this story starts readers are engaged, interested and mildly amused. These feelings do not go away as you dive further into this story, instead new feeling join these to the point that you end the book as a mass of feelings. This is not a bad thing, trust me I enjoyed the journey to get to this mass of feelings. 
Let's talk characters, obviously there are Snow Pirates (that you have met previously) mentioned throughout the book. I do enjoy these catch ups with the past book boyfriends. Clare is a single mum trying to raise her two goods, juggle her job and basically keep everything moving. While Elliot is divorced, dealing with an ex-wife who lied, parents that don't make things easy and trying to work a make a hockey team roster work when three great players have graduated. 
Throughout the book readers are giving a glimpse of the past while Clare and Elliot try to figure out if they belong together in the future. Giggle moments are ensured throughout this book. In particular there is what I am going to describe as the 'pocket' scene that had me laughing out loud and very glad to be in my own home at the time. 
Now if you have read books by Lasairiona in the past you know that she does those sexy/spicy scenes really well. If you haven't read her before, let's just say you are missing out. Elliot and Clare take a while to get to there spicy scene but oh my god is the wait worth it. Before readers get to the spicy scene that near misses when it comes to kisses which are very much a form of sweet torture. 
When the first kiss does happen, it is worth the wait. The entire scene and post kiss conversation have set a bar for guys in real life. There is a new standard at least for me. The entire scene is perfect and everything any girl, especially Clare deserves. 
When readers arrive at the first spicy/sexy scene, they will be thoroughly entertained not just with what happens because that scene had me feeling a little hot and it had nothing to do with the cold I am currently battling. The scene was spicy with some laughter thrown in, which is quite amazing since at the time the characters were not in the same room. 
Overall this is another homerun for Lasairiona McMaster. A book that is entertaining, bring on the tears and have reader laughing out, sometimes all at the same time! I can't wait to see what she brings out next because I for one am a fan for life. Check out this book when it's released on October 6th HERE.
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