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Review: Two For Interference by Lasairiona McMaster*


'Bookish. Bold. Beautiful. And entirely out of his league.
On paper, all-American boy next door, Lincoln Scott, has it all. But behind his slap shots, straight-A report card, and easy going charm, Linc hides a secret only his best friend knows.
When he attempts to return a misplaced bra, a wrong number gets him way more than the hook-up he bargained for. No one has ever looked beyond the star hockey player, until the mysterious woman he can’t stop texting sees him for who he really is.
Does Linc have the skills off the ice to keep up with her? Will he follow in his father’s footsteps? Or will he step out from the shadows and chase his dreams?
If you’re pucking obsessed with Helena Hunting, Pippa Grant, and Elle Kennedy, you’ll love this hilarious, hot-as-puck, secret identity, opposites attract, curvy girl sports romance. Two for Interference is a full length standalone with no cheating, cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.
Welcome to the Minnesota Snow Pirates, where skilled and sexy mother puckers’ lives get turned upside down by strong and badass heroines. Curl up with your next book boyfriend today.'

What can I say about this book? I mean what words will fully encompass how this book left me feeling. Let's start with the basics. This book tells the story of Cleo and Lincoln over the course of 33 Chapters + Epilogue. It's the first story in Lasairiona's brand new series 'The Minnisota Snow Pirates' and if this book is anything to go by, boy is this going to be a brilliant series. 

Now this isn't the first book I have read by this author. I previously read and reviewed her Jeremy Lewis series ( Book 1, Book 2, Book 3) which I adored but did not prepare me at all for this book. I was utterly captivated by this story the moment I started, and this isn't any normal captivation. This is can't think of anything else, when does the next book come out type of captivating.

So as much as you will fall in love with the main Characters of Cleo and Lincoln, who are completely adorable. One being a book worm and the other being a 'jock' who have share the fact that what they currently do is not their dream. You will fall in love with the background characters of Molly, Russ, Will and Finn to name a few. You will also be able to tell that the author has put just as much effort into creating these characters as they did in creating the main characters. 

One thing I adored about this book is that the main characters did not have the typical meet cute that happens in romances. There's was different, I don't want to give spoilers away but it is perfect for them and interesting for the reader to watch and wait for the moment these two meet face to face. 

Not to mention that when they did meet there were the inevitable steamy scenes, that this reader loves. Now these were written in a way that made the reader anticipate what was to come but without turning into full blown erotica. 

Overall I completely 100% adored this book, I can't wait to read the next one and wish it was November so I can read it now! In the first sitting I read from Chapter 1- 10, and completed in the full book in less than 12 hours. The book completely consumed me and left me with a book hangover, that two days later I still have! At the end of this book the author gave readers a snippet of the next installment and it is going straight on my TBR. Get your copy of this book HERE.

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