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Blog Tour: Keeping Up With The Kershaws by Helen Buckley*

'What do you do when your life becomes more dramatic than reality TV?
As the devoted carer for famous antique expert Harold Kershaw, Karrie Morgan was always happy to keep a professional distance from his four spoilt grown-up children, who rarely made time for their father. But then a surprise involving Harold’s Will means Karrie is flung headlong into a press scandal, and into the chaotic world of the surviving Kershaws.
With the support of her trusted childhood friend Andrew, mild-mannered Karrie must face down ruthless ice queen Portia, master manipulator Gabriel, Botox fanatic Arabella, and ladies’ man Rafe, star of reality TV show Raised in Richmond … although perhaps not as fake and flashy as he initially seems?
As vicious rumours circulate and Karrie’s past comes back to haunt her, she struggles to know who to trust. Can she keep up with the Kershaws’ schemes?'

This is the fourth book in Helen's Spotlight series, this is a series I have thoroughly enjoyed. You can find my reviews on the first, second and third books here. I couldn't wait to read this story the moment it popped into my Kindle Libary.

This is the story of Karrie, Rafe & Andrew, their story is told over the course 21 Chapters plus a Prologue and Epilogue. This story has a strong start from the moment the Prologue starts. It immediately intrigues readers and makes them wonder exactly how is this book going to unfold. 

When it comes to the main characters, one of the brilliant parts of this book is that the point of view switches between these three. Although there are many background characters for readers to be introduced to. The main three is Karrie, Rafe and Andrew. 

Now Karrie and Andrew have this amazing friendship that started when they were kids. Now they are grown up it's brilliant to see what their friendship is now. Rafe has his own character development and secrets. The Rafe the readers get to know when you are in his point of view is the opposite to the one betrayed by the other characters. 

Throughout this book there are some beautiful descriptions of not only the locations where the story takes place but also of the other characters. These descriptions make it easy for readers to pictures both the places and the characters in their mind. 

Now let me tell you about the Author Helen Buckley. Ever since she was little she wanted to be a writer, to turn daydreams into books. She is fascinated by fame, in love with Happy Ever Afters, and enthralled by slow-burn romances. She squeezes in time to write around looking after he two sons.  

Overall this is a brilliant addition to this series. One hope I have is that Rafe gets to find his happily ever after in the future. I wonder if we have seen the last of the Spotlight Series, this reader certainly hopes not. You can get your copy HERE

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