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Review: Two For Boarding by Lasairiona McMaster*


'Disarming. Dirty. Dominant.
Easygoing defenseman Austin Morgan doesn’t want for much. Trust fund kid, skilled fighter, and talented hockey player in the peak of his physical prime, life is pretty much going his way…
All except for the sudden breakup of a long-term relationship which has shaken his very identity as a Dom. Until he can trust himself again, relationships are off the cards. But when the team trainer Mackenzie Abbott draws him into her orbit, he can’t get her out of his mind. Not only is she all-the-way vanilla, but they work together, she’s off limits… and she has her own secrets.
Can he learn to trust her enough to accept her into his world? Or will the hidden past she can’t escape ruin it all?'

So we are back with the fourth book in the Minnesota Snow Pirates series, I for one am so happy to be back with these guys. It has got to the point that if this was a real team I would be their number 1 fan. In this instalment of the series we are looking at Austin who is equal parts kinky and gorgeous. Austin is the type of book boyfriend that will make you braid your hair and kneel in front awaiting further instructions, and ready to say 'Yes Sir' at the drop of the hat. 

Austin and Kenzie's story is told over the course of 29 Chapters plus a Prologue and Epilogue. This is a great length for a book, personally I wanted more but that is more to do with me falling for my new book boyfriend than the actual story. 

Now I need to talk about the whole book and not just Austin, because if I stay on the topic of Austin any longer this is going to be a fanfic not a review. So let's move on.

One thing this book has that I completely adored is the friendship that Mackenzie and Austin have. Within just the Prologue the reader gets to see just how great of a friend Paige is to Mackenzie. This only strengthens as you move through the book and meet the other lady in this group of 'badass bitch best friends' Addison. I'm lowkey hoping these two get their own stories but it is not just Mackenzie's friends that are amazing in this book, it's Austin's too. Yes most of Austin's friends that you meet are the Snow Pirates but it just shows you how great this friendship really is. 

This book managed to get me excited and anxious for the rest of the story just from the Prologue. The Prologue that is basically the meet cute for Mackenzie and Austin. From this moment I was absorbed into this story and this relationship. 

Mackenzie has a bit of a mysterious past, that slowly comes to light throughout the book. This past does have some Trigger Warnings for readers. Now although her past contains some sensitive topics, the author has navigated her way through it with skill and compassion. 

I found that this book also had a slight educational feel when it came to the world of BDSM. Mackenzie, like this reader, is a vanilla girl, whereas Austin is anything but Vanilla. As these two delve into the BDSM world things are explained to the reader in enough detail that they know exactly what is going on at all times. This whole aspect of BDSM really takes those sexy scenes to another level. A level that was even more delicious than normal. 

Now this book isn't just full of fun friendships groups, BDSM sexy scenes and sensitive topics. It also holds those all important LOL moments that readers adore. Some of these moments even appear during the verbal foreplay that our main characters seem to enjoy just as much as readers will. 

Overall this was another book that Lasairiona excelled with. Its beautifully written, amazing characters and a story that readers get sucked into. As much as I want Lasairiona to enjoy Publication Day and everything this book brings, I personally can't wait until book 5 is released. You can get your copy HERE

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