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Review: Chief Of Security by Fancy Roberts*


'He’s too much. She’s not enough.
Francesca ‘Frankie’ Davenport wanted to fly under the radar when she joined Mailbox, Inc, but when the CEO’s girlfriend takes her under her wing: there’s no place to hide.
When Frankie’s jackass manager becomes more than just an irritating nuisance, Julian Lockwood – Mailbox's tall and deliciously inked security guard with an enormous heart – volunteers to have her back. But to protect Frankie, he’ll have to stay close. Too close.

What’s a little fake dating between friends, right?

Except Julian can’t stop imagining her bright orange hair splayed across his sheets and Frankie can’t forget how safe she feels wrapped up in his arms.

Suddenly, staying “just friends” is turning into a full-time job and no one wants to work overtime.'

This is the second story in the 'Mailbox, Inc' series by Fancy Roberts. This story focuses on Frankie and Julian and is told over the course of 24 Chapters and an Epilogue. The thing with this book is that after Chapter 1 I was already addicted to the story as well as wanting to know more about both the main characters and every single background character invovled. 

From the minute readers begin this book their attention is grabbed as the two main characters are already known to each other. This means readers get to jump straight into the story as well as get a bit of background on Frankie and Julian. Now Frankie and Julian really are an opposites attract sort of romance one doesn't think they are enough while the other believes they are too much. 

At the start of this book there were a few things that readers will be curious about, one is the relationship between the main characters, Frankie and Julian. The other is solely focused on Julian's tattoos. To be fair I am not sure who was more curious about these tattoos at the beginning of the book me or Frankie. I was quite glad that this curiosity didn't kill the cat, and all is revealed later on in the book in a very delicious way. 

Throughout the very addicting book the point of view switches itself between Frankie and Julian. This is done in a very clear way, so readers are not confused. This also gives readers an inside look into the minds of both characters. This comes in handy when things start to kick off with the book plot. 

Now onto the part that was one of my favourites, the steamy scenes! Now let me tell you these steamy scenes were extra hot. There were a few scenes in the book, which was the right amount for this story. Now not all of these scenes were described in detail but the ones that were oh they were delicious. These scenes left me with the distinct impression that I kind of want Julian for myself and yes I am aware he will have to stay as book boyfriend. 

The story itself had great pacing meaning it didn't move the plot along too quickly that readers felt rushed. It also didn't drag the story out, readers weren't waiting for multiple chapters to pass before the main plot was going on.

Something to be aware of when going to pick up this book is that I would recommend you carve out some solid uninterrupted reading time. This book will suck you in and refuse to let go until you have read every word it has to offer. I made the mistake of reading it during a work day. Stopping to actually get on with my day to day job was a form of torture!

Overall this is a brilliantly addictive book that will hook readers in. Not only to the book but too the series as well. Trust me this reader has already brought the first book and can't wait to sink her teeth into the story. This book is released on the 21st October and you can buy a copy HERE.

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