Tuesday, 4 October 2022

Review: Two For Charging by Lasairiona McMaster*

'Dedicated. Driven. Divorced.

Coach Elliott Swift is under pressure from all sides. His players are counting on him to return the team to championship success despite his recently graduated star players. His toxic ex-wife dogs his every move, and his sickly, aging parents require constant care.

When he literally bumps into his childhood best friend, Clare, in the period product aisle of the pharmacy, everything changes. Twenty years is not enough to erase her impact on him. But she gives him the brush off as though they were never a thing.

The last thing he needs, or wants, is a relationship. But he wants her.

He's always wanted her.

Can he earn her forgiveness and put the mistakes of their past behind them? Or will his inability to forgive himself prevent them both from moving forward?'

So the time has come to review the final book in the 'Snow Pirates' Series *sniffs back tears* not sure if I am ready for this series to end because I have loved all five of the previous books and this one is no exception. Though I guess it is fitting that the sixth and final is concentrating on our beloved Coach Elliot Swift. 
This is a book all about a second chance at your first love, now Coach Swift (hereby known as Elliot) has a very good and long history with Clare Reynolds. You may remember Clare as the kick ass neighbour from Kenzie and Austin's story. Yes we are talking that Clare (if you haven't read Kenzie and Austin's story I strongly recommend!)
The moment this story starts readers are engaged, interested and mildly amused. These feelings do not go away as you dive further into this story, instead new feeling join these to the point that you end the book as a mass of feelings. This is not a bad thing, trust me I enjoyed the journey to get to this mass of feelings. 
Let's talk characters, obviously there are Snow Pirates (that you have met previously) mentioned throughout the book. I do enjoy these catch ups with the past book boyfriends. Clare is a single mum trying to raise her two goods, juggle her job and basically keep everything moving. While Elliot is divorced, dealing with an ex-wife who lied, parents that don't make things easy and trying to work a make a hockey team roster work when three great players have graduated. 
Throughout the book readers are giving a glimpse of the past while Clare and Elliot try to figure out if they belong together in the future. Giggle moments are ensured throughout this book. In particular there is what I am going to describe as the 'pocket' scene that had me laughing out loud and very glad to be in my own home at the time. 
Now if you have read books by Lasairiona in the past you know that she does those sexy/spicy scenes really well. If you haven't read her before, let's just say you are missing out. Elliot and Clare take a while to get to there spicy scene but oh my god is the wait worth it. Before readers get to the spicy scene that near misses when it comes to kisses which are very much a form of sweet torture. 
When the first kiss does happen, it is worth the wait. The entire scene and post kiss conversation have set a bar for guys in real life. There is a new standard at least for me. The entire scene is perfect and everything any girl, especially Clare deserves. 
When readers arrive at the first spicy/sexy scene, they will be thoroughly entertained not just with what happens because that scene had me feeling a little hot and it had nothing to do with the cold I am currently battling. The scene was spicy with some laughter thrown in, which is quite amazing since at the time the characters were not in the same room. 
Overall this is another homerun for Lasairiona McMaster. A book that is entertaining, bring on the tears and have reader laughing out, sometimes all at the same time! I can't wait to see what she brings out next because I for one am a fan for life. Check out this book when it's released on October 6th HERE.
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